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Do you want to start applying for jobs, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help!

From learning the basics to getting feedback on applications - follow these steps to maximise your likelihood of getting a job.

If you've completed a workshop and are ready to submit an item for review, please head straight to Step 3.

Step 1

How to.... workshops

During these small workshops, Career Connect will take you through the fundamentals of the job application process. Individual workshops focus on unique aspects of applying for jobs, allowing you to sharpen each new skill, one skill at a time.

Start by deciding on the topic you want to learn about, and book in using the links below.

We recommend starting with a resume session if you haven’t had your resume checked.

Career Connect support drop-ins

Drop in to find out how Career Connect can help you maximise your employability.


Step 2

Get prepared

Once you've attended one of our workshops, you'll be well equipped to build a set of strong job application documents.

Practise and preparation

We encourage you to spend some time at home practising your new skills and preparing your document or item to be submitted for feedback.

Make sure the professional items you have as a part of your employability profile are always up-to-date and high-quality to give you an employability edge.

Step 3

Get feedback

To get our feedback, you need to complete the previous steps 1 and 2.

The workshop you attend must be specifically related to the feedback you're after. For example if you want feedback on your resume, you need to attend the 'Write a resume' workshop.

After you've prepared your documents, submit them for our feedback.

Get feedback on your Workshop you need to attend
ResumeWrite a resume
Cover letterWrite a cover letter
Employability skill reflectionReflect on employability skills
Key selection criteriaAnswer key selection criteria
LinkedIn profileCreate a LinkedIn profile
Interview skillInterview well

If these workshop times do not suit you, then you can complete the sessions online. The links below will take you to an online resource explaining what you need to know about that topic.

Complete the quiz at the end once you've read through all the information. You will then be ready to create your own version of that document.