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A resume (also known as Curriculum Vitae) is a marketing document summarising your qualifications, key skills and work history. The information you provide is used by the employer to determine if you meet the job requirements and whether or not to select you for an interview.

To make a good first impression, a well-written resume needs to be clear, concise, and neatly organised with content relevant to the position you are applying for.

What to include

Resume tips

Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. Create different resumes for jobs that are academic, casual, graduate, postgraduate, voluntary, vacation, industry-based learning or in the creative industries.


  • Use ten to twelve point standard fonts (eg Times New Roman, Arial)
  • Write in plain business English (avoid SMS language, abbreviations, jargon and slang)
  • Use sub-headings and bulleted lists to draw attention to important information
  • Ensure plenty of white space between paragraphs and margins that are not too narrow
  • Write in the third person, don't use I, me or my
  • The layout (including indent alignments) must be consistent throughout the resume


  • Two to three pages for a graduate with little professional work experience
  • Three to four pages for a graduate with a considerable work history


  • Hybrid - this is the most suitable for graduates as it combines the best features of the chronological and functional styles
  • Chronological (reverse) - information is listed in order from most current employment/work history
  • Functional - highlights your skills and achievements (good to use if you are changing careers)

Check the document

Proof read your resume and have someone else proof read it too – spelling and grammatical errors could lose you the job. Hiring managers and recruiters receive incredibly high numbers of applications and spend less than 60 seconds 'screening' or looking at a resume.

Other ways Career Connect can assist you

By completing one of these activities you can submit your resume for review to Career Connect via our Feedback Service.

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