After the job interview

Reflect on your experience

You should treat every interview as a learning experience. After your interview, write down the interview questions and review your performance. Think about what went well and what you could have done better.

Send a thank-you note

Write a thank-you email to the employer. You might need to do some research to find their email address, but it’s important.

Thank them for seeing you and reaffirm your interest in the role. Keep it brief and professional. Not many applicants do this, and it’s one way of standing out from the crowd.

Get a response

Usually an employer will get back to you within a week of the interview, unless they tell you otherwise. If you don’t hear from them, you could call and politely ask how the selection process is going.

Ask for feedback

If you are not offered the job, ask for feedback on your application and interview. You can use this information to help you improve your interviewing skills.

With experience, you’ll be able to market yourself better, handle difficult questions with more confidence and be more relaxed in interviews.