Targeted mail and email to students

Send details of your recruitment programs and activities directly to Monash students. You can target local and overseas students from any discipline by post or email. Simply complete the booking form below.

Targeting your communications

We recommend that you view the following for an overview of student enrolment numbers at Monash and the various degrees and disciplines on offer.


Email Mail

$112.00 administration fee

$112.00 administration fee

$1.55 per email recipient

$2.35 per envelope (if pre-packed in plain, unmarked envelopes, no company name, logo or address)


$3.35 per envelope (if not pre-packed)

Content must be written in plain text, with no images or attachments.

Postage cost depends on size, weight and destination.

We require at least three working days from booking date to prepare, research and complete an emailout.

An extra fee for third parties may apply.

Our Student Communications team will review your email to ensure that it is clear and concise, with student-friendly language and a strong call to action, if you choose this option in your booking. This review may take up to three working days.

Due to privacy, mail items not pre-packed (including postcards) will be over-wrapped in Monash University Career Connect envelopes and must fit standard DL or A4 sizes.

Please allow for up to five working days from booking date for us to complete your emailout.

We require at least five working days from receiving your materials to research, prepare and complete a mailout.

All costs are in Australian dollars and are GST inclusive.

Maximise your promotion

Career Gateway

Advertise your job opportunities on Career Gateway. All Monash students have access to view your vacancies. We can also include the link from the job advert and include it in the email, so your targeted students can view the vacancy directly.


  1. Approval of all messages and content will be at the discretion of management.
  2. Content must directly outline employment opportunities and/or recruitment activities for Monash students.
  3. If you do not proceed with your email or mail-out after we extract student data and quote costs, you will be charged the administration fee.
  4. All materials must include the following disclaimer:

Monash University Career Connect has sent this information to you on behalf of an organisation. Your name and address has not been disclosed to this organisation. The supply of this information is not an endorsement by Monash University. The University is simply passing on information, which may assist you in your job search. You should make your own inquiries to make sure the information is accurate. The information is for your use in your job search as a current Monash student or recent Monash graduate, and must not be used by or disclosed to any other person for any other purpose.

How to get started

Book targeted mail or email

Step 1: New users: register in Career Gateway (as an employer) / Existing users: login to Career Gateway

Step 2: Under the Welcome menu (left-hand menu), click book for services

Step 3: Complete the targeted mail or targeted email form


Written notice to is required to cancel a booking request. If you decide not to proceed with your targeted email or mail-out after we extract student data and quote costs, we will charge the administration fee.

Contact for enquiries

Tel: +61 3 9905 4170