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It’s your future. Start shaping it.

For an education infused with the power of change, there's no better place to study. There’s never been a greater need for change in the world than now. Whether you want to change your life, your career, your community or the future, it starts with Monash. Join us and leave the world in better shape than you found it.

Key dates

Below is a summary of all the important dates you need to know when applying to Monash. Ensure you check the VTAC website for more information.

Domestic Year 12 students

What’s happening Dates
Applications open for courses, SEAS, and scholarships Monday 2 August 2021
Timely course applications close Thursday 30 September 2021
SEAS and Scholarships applications close Friday 8 October 2021
ATAR and VCE results released 7am, Monday 13 December
Change of preference deadline for December offers 4pm, Tuesday 14 December
December offers released Monday 20 December
January offers released Friday 14 January

International Year 12 students

What’s happening Dates
Applications open for courses, SEAS, and scholarships Monday 2 August 2021
Timely course applications close Thursday 30 September 2021
SEAS and Scholarships applications close Friday 8 October 2021

Non-Year 12 applicants

What’s happening Dates
Applications open for courses, SEAS, and scholarships Monday 2 August 2021
Timely course applications close Thursday 30 September 2021
SEAS and Scholarships applications close Friday 8 October 2021
Change of preference deadline for December offers 4pm, Tuesday 14 December
December offers released Monday 20 December
January offers released Friday 14 January

Discover more

Course and campus living information

  • Find a course

    Wherever you’re headed, you’ll find a course at Monash that can get you there. Search for a course or explore our ten study areas to see what’s waiting for you.

  • Alternative pathways

    There's more than one way to become a Monash student. If you don't meet the requirements for direct entry, consider our range of pathway options.

  • Double degrees

    Enjoy the freedom to combine your passions by pursuing two degrees at once. We offer more than 70 double degree options, allowing you to double your expertise and career opportunities, but not your workload.

  • ATAR calculator

    The ATAR calculator will scale your raw study scores based on last year’s VTAC data to generate an estimated ATAR, which should be used as a guide only. Please note that this calculation will not include any COVID-19 adjustments.


I got an offer, now what?

Congratulations! We’re really excited for you to study at Monash. Make sure you follow the instructions in your offer letter or visit the Get Started website for further information.

I haven’t met the prerequisites for my preferred course. Will I get an offer?

Unfortunately, if you haven’t achieved the prerequisites, you won’t be eligible for an offer, even if you achieved the required ATAR.

You need to achieve all prerequisites to be made an offer, even if you’re eligible for the Monash Guarantee or SEAS, are transferring from another course or are a mature age student.

If you don’t meet the prerequisites for your preferred course, an alternative pathway could help you reach your goal. Visit us at our Change Day Expo or contact us to talk about your options.

What happens if I get more than one offer?

You may receive offers in the first, second or subsequent offer rounds. We recommend you accept your first offer, to secure your place at university.

It won’t affect your chance of receiving another offer for a course higher on your preferences.

Help! I’m still confused and have more questions. Who can I contact?

Please contact us on 1800 MONASH or submit an online enquiry.

What is change of preference?

After you receive your ATAR, there are certain periods where you can change your course preferences through VTAC. During these periods, you can add or remove courses, re-order them, or you can leave them as they are. More information is available on the VTAC website.

Why does change of preference matter?

The order of your preferences will determine the offer you’ll receive. You’ll only get an offer for the highest eligible course in your preferences, even if you’re eligible for entry to other courses. So it’s important you put the courses you’re most passionate about at the top.

How do I change my preferences?

It’s super-easy! All you need to do is log into your VTAC account using your VTAC ID and pin, open your course preference list, and away you go!

Try not to remove courses from your preference list if you plan to add them again later; you can just re-order them without deleting any.

You may find some courses can’t be added during change of preference, and this is because these courses will have additional requirements such as an interview or portfolio.

Read the selection criteria carefully and contact us if you’re not sure about any of the courses and what you need to do to add them.

It’s free to change your course preferences, and you can change them as many times as you like before the change of preference deadline. Visit the VTAC website for more details.

What happens after change of preference closes?

After change of preference closes, we begin assessing your preferences. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive an offer for your highest course preference.

Why should I put Monash as a preference?

The quality of our teaching, exceptional facilities and graduate employability outcomes are just a few of the reasons we’re consistently ranked in the top 100 universities in the world*.

As Australia’s largest university, we’re able to offer more study options, more scholarships, more work placements, and more international opportunities.

You’ll leave Monash with a well-rounded education that will set you apart, and give you the tools needed to play your part in changing our world for the better.

*Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020

What are the important key dates?

There are a lot of key dates to keep in mind, and it can be confusing.

Luckily, we’ve grouped all the dates together in one place depending on whether you’re a:

  • domestic Year 12 student
  • international Year 12 student
  • non Year 12 applicant

For all the key dates and additional information, please visit the VTAC website.

As a result of COVID-19, will there be changes to entry requirements?

We know Year 12 looks very different this year. We're doing everything we can to make sure our entry requirements remain fair and equitable for all students.

The Monash Guaranteeand SEAS can help you get into your preferred course, even if your ATAR is below the lowest selection rank.

You can view the entry requirements for domestic and international students on each of our course pages.

Are special consideration and SEAS the same thing? The government said all Year 12s are automatically getting special consideration, do I still need to apply for SEAS?

No, they’re different.

Special consideration for COVID-19 will be applied by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) to current VCE students by adjusting their VCE study scores, prior to ATAR calculation by VTAC.

SEAS is a separate process. Applicants must apply for SEAS by submitting a SEAS application form through VTAC. The SEAS adjustments are applied to the ATAR. If students are eligible for SEAS adjustments, these will be applied at the time of course entry.

What is the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS)?

For some people, the opportunity to demonstrate their potential for university study may have been restricted due to their financial, geographical, cultural, health, or personal circumstances.

The Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) provides special consideration in admission to an undergraduate course at Monash University for people who have experienced educational disadvantage. SEAS adjusts your ATAR in recognition of circumstances that may have affected your education. This gives you a better chance of getting an offer for the course you want. You'll receive adjustments depending on your personal circumstances. The adjustments are made to your combined study scores, and your ATAR is recalculated. The recalculated ATAR will impact your selection rank that is used during the selection process.

Use our SEAS calculator to get an estimate of your SEAS-adjusted ATAR.

SEAS is available for Australian citizens and permanent residents of Australia, with applications made via VTAC.

What is the Monash Guarantee?

The Monash Guarantee can get you into a Monash course even if you don't reach the course’s lowest selection rank.

You could be eligible for the Monash Guarantee if you:

  • have experienced financial disadvantage
  • live in a low socioeconomic area
  • are an Indigenous Australian
  • attend a Monash-listed under-represented school

For most courses, if you meet the eligibility criteria, achieve the Monash Guarantee ATAR, and complete all course prerequisites, you'll be eligible for a place at Monash. For some courses, a range of criteria is used for selection in addition to your ATAR, such as an audition or folio.

You're guaranteed a place if you successfully satisfy the additional selection requirements. Health courses may also have restrictions due to clinical placements. We've reserved some places for Monash Guarantee-eligible students who would not otherwise have been offered a place, and who have the strongest results across the range of criteria.

What is the Indigenous Entry Scheme?

Monash University offers direct admission into the majority of our undergraduate degrees at a significantly lower ATAR for Indigenous students. There are no extra requirements or time added to the course. Contact the William Cooper Institute for further information.

Will study in 2021 be online?

Monash is committed to providing the highest-quality education for both domestic and international students.

We continue to align our operations with state and federal government advice, and are adapting our teaching and learning, campus experiences and operations to ensure the health and safety of our community. We've maintained a campus presence, with education (for graduates for the medical, nursing, allied health and pharmacy workforce) and critical research, including COVID-19-related research, continuing on campus. We look forward to welcoming back the broader campus population when restrictions ease, and we expect that those in Australia will have a campus experience in 2021 (in some part). We'll keep the Monash community informed as the situation evolves.

You can keep up-to-date with the latest announcements on our COVID-19 Fact Sheet.

I haven't done the prerequisites needed for a course. What are my options?

There are ways you can meet the prerequisite requirements for a course if you haven't completed the subject in Year 12.

You could start by studying a different course and pick up university units to satisfy the required prerequisites. Most courses allow students to do this – just make sure the units you undertake are equivalent to the required prerequisite units. You can then apply for an internal course transfer from one Monash coursework degree to another.

Another option is to look at pathway programs. These can help you meet the prerequisite requirements for your chosen course. We have a list of programs for domestic students here.

If you're an international student, Monash College is the preferred pathway to Monash University. Whether your future is in medicine, business, science, engineering or the arts, Monash College is your first step to success. International students can study foundation study programs and English language courses, diplomas, pathway courses, professional experience programs, and more.

How can I find a course based on my estimated ATAR?

You can use our ATAR calculator to predict your ATAR, and see what course options are available to you.

Already know what you want to study? Our ATAR calculator will help you get an idea of the score you may need to get into the course of your choice.

I may need financial assistance to help with the cost of study. What are my options?

There are plenty of options to help with the costs of study so you can focus on making the most of your university experience.

At Monash, we have one of the most generous scholarship programs in Australia, recognising disadvantage and rewarding talent. Government payments such as Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY, the student start-up loan and relocation scholarship are available for eligible students.

If you’re enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place you may also be eligible for a HELP loan for all or part of your course fees.

If I get a scholarship offer before a course offer, am I guaranteed a place at Monash?

Firstly, well done, that’s great news!

If you’ve received a scholarship offer, make sure you clearly read the terms and conditions and follow the instructions to accept it. Scholarship offers have an expiry date, so make sure you respond in time.

Scholarships are conditional upon receiving a course offer, so unfortunately no, it doesn’t guarantee you a place at Monash.

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