This is a guide for designing, making, using, reusing, and disposing of t-shirts in Australia, for the wellbeing of people and planet.

More than 15 billion t-shirts are produced worldwide every year. And more than half of these are disposed of in under 12 months, contributing to over 315,000 tonnes of textile waste per year in Australia.

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The Circular Stories complete guide will take you through every stage of the circular process.

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What is circular fashion?

Hear from Julie Boulton from MSDI, the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and industry leaders from the Circular Fashion Working Group.

Many thanks to the following people for their insights in the video:

  • The Hon. Minister Lily D'Ambrosio – Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change
  • John Thwaites AM – Chair, Monash Sustainable Development Institute
  • Claire Ferres Miles – CEO, Sustainability Victoria
  • Courtney Holm – Founder, A.BCH
  • Dave Giles-Kaye – Co-Founder, Now and Future; Hatch and Make, Former CEO, Australian Fashion Council
  • Eve Moody – Social and Environmental Manager, APG & Co
  • Matt Davis – CEO/National Director, Salvos Stores
  • Sam Seljak – Co-Founder, Seljak Brand
  • Thea Speechley – Founder/CEO, Raw Assembly