Circular Fashion Principles

Circular Principles for Fashion

Reduce. Revalue. Regenerate. Respect.

These four circular fashion principles need to be applied at each stage of a product’s lifecycle if it is to be truly circular.

These four principles help us produce fashion that is kinder to the planet and kinder to people.

Kinder to the Planet

Our principles focus on kindness for the planet by:

  • Reducing waste — by eliminating waste by design and reimagining what waste really is;
  • Revaluing our planet — by repairing, returning and renewing what already exists; and
  • Regenerating our earth — by making every effort to regrow and replace what has been removed.

Kinder to People 

Our principles focus on kindness for people by:

  • Respecting those who make the clothing — from growers to makers to retailers — and revering the product that is produced as a result of their processes.