Interactive Guide To Make Circ-T

Interactive Guide To Make Circ-T

Hi there! I’m CIRC-T! I may look like an average t-shirt — a front and back, two sleeves and a neck hole. But while I may look simple, there are multiple steps involved to make, sell and dispose of me. This means there are many choices to be made about me that — directly and indirectly — impact people and planet.

Let’s get started!

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How to make a CIRC-T


Why am I being made?

The very first thing we need to talk about is whether I need to be made at all.

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How am I being made?

The most important thing to think about is what can happen to me at the end of each life stage.

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How am I being used and reused?

I really, really want you to love me. Like forever!

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How am I being disposed of?

Don't be sad. Because I'm circular, my next life is about to begin!

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