Why am I being made?

Making anything, including me, takes resources. So the first question to ask is do I need to be made at all. We’re producing more and more stuff but using them for less. All of which impacts our one, precious planet. Not to mention the people involved in making me, and those who live near areas I’m produced. If we want to keep making more of me, we need to change the way I’m produced and consumed. I need to be kinder to people and the planet.


Re-imagine how I’m made. I can be redesigned to produce less waste, and make me easier to pull apart when someone is done with me. You can limit or eradicate the pollution created while I’m produced.


Make me using renewable resources only and in a way that regrows, restores and revitalises the ecosystem I come from.


Repair, replace, return and renew! Am I recyclable? Make it key to every decision you make so that I can keep being useful, no matter what stage of life I’m in.


Respect the process, and the rights of the people who made me. Help reduce overall consumption by looking after me for a long time.

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