How am I being disposed of?

The time has come that I can no longer be used - as a t-shirt or anything else. That doesn’t mean my life is over! I can still be used in a lot of different ways.


Do I really need to be disposed of or is there a bit more life in me yet? Check to see if there are instructions about what to do with me now or if you can return me back to where you bought me from (take-back scheme).


If I’ve been designed right, I should be able to be disassembled. That way my zips and buttons can be removed easily, non-toxic dyes can be washed off and threads can be dissolved. I can be mechanically shredded and ready to be made into something new.


If I’m made of organic cotton, I am biodegradable, so look out for an appropriate place to compost me. That way I can regenerate and renew the soil that I came from.


Are those working in the recycling sector treated fairly? Are they paid a living wage, working in safe conditions and allowed to organise?

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