How am I being made?

So you’ve decided to make me. Yay! But now we need to talk about the how. From design to the point of sale, at every stage along the way you need to consider what can happen to me at the end of my life cycle. I call that starting at the end. That way I can be a truly Circ-T.


Am I designed to last? Can I be repaired and reused? Can I be disassembled so that all the parts of me - including the threads and trims - can be reused or recycled? Consider what material you use to make me, how much pattern wastage there will be and what will happen to my offcuts.


Can I be made into something else? How about how much of me you produce? By using data or customer pre-orders, you can make sure there’s not too much of me around. Also consider what will happen to me when my life is over - whether I will be kept in stock for a long time, repaired, rescued or, failing all that, remanufactured into something new.


Have you checked which chemicals or substances might contaminate me? Have you chosen materials that can be made into something new? Can I be recycled at the end of my life?


Where will I be made, under what conditions and by who? Are the partners helping you manufacture me transparent about their practices? Are the workers involved being paid a living wage, allowed to organise and work in safe conditions?

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