How am I being used and reused?

Congratulations on buying me! Now I really need you to love me. That means taking good care of me and considering what to do with me once you no longer need me any more.


Choose me carefully. Am I something you really need? Could you rent or borrow one like me or wear an old t-shirt for just a little longer? If you do buy me, do you know what to do with me once you no longer need me?


Just because you don’t want to wear me as a t-shirt anymore, doesn’t mean I can’t still be useful. Can I be renewed or turned into something new? Can you send me to an op-shop or charity store, or sell me online through a consignment store? I’ll even take being used as a rag!


Does the seller have a process to take me back and process me for reuse or recycling? Can I be repaired easily and has a repair kit been provided at the point of sale?


There’s lots of ways to respect me and the process it takes to make me. Treat me with care and wash me according to the instructions and only when I’m dirty. You can wash me in water efficient washing machine using a full load. And you can capture microfibres I might have and use phosphate-free washing detergent.

Download the full guide here.