Who we are

Who We Are

We are the Circular Stories Working Group.

A collective of designers, distributors, re-users, recyclers and researchers who are committed to raising awareness of what a circular textiles economy means in the Australia context.

We believe that many producers, retailers, marketers and consumers in Australia are faced with a knowledge gap about how to take up an alternate, better way to make, shop and use clothing and textiles.

By better we mean a way that is kinder for people and planet.

By kinder we mean an approach that is circular by design.

While this guide is situated in the Australian experience and context, we hope that anyone, anywhere in the world, will find this guide useful and make some changes — big or small — as a result. Together, we can make, sell, buy, use and reuse clothing and textiles in a way that is better for today and better for tomorrow.

The Circular Stories Working Group

Julie Boulton, MSDI

Aleasha McCallion, MSDI

Courtney Holm, A.BCH

Samantha Seljak, Seljak Brand

Kirri-Mae Samson, Now + Future

Genevieve Moody, APG & CO

Amy Gallagher, Kloke



The Working Group — and the idea for this guide — originated from a research trial conducted in partnership with MSDI’s BehaviourWorks Australia team, Circular Strategies and the Australian Fashion Council, and is coordinated by MSDI’s Circular Textiles Program.