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  • What's New?

    Dr Elie Aidekon from the Université Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie visited as a Robert Bartnik Visiting Fellow. Dr Aidekon is a world leader in the field of random walks on trees as demonstrated by the deep and ground-breaking results he proved in his relatively short career. For example, Elie provided a formula for the speed of random walks on a general class of random trees, thus solving a long standing problem in an area where the likes of Ben Arous, Lyons and Peres have made their marks. During his visit, he worked with A/Prof Kais Hamza, A/Prof Tim Garoni, Dr Andrea Collevecchio, Dr Greg Markowsky and other members of the statistics and analysis groups.

  • PhD Studies

    PhD studies in Financial Mathematics at CMSS and CSIRO. For more information click here(pdf).