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Fleer's Conceptual PlayWorld App

Fleer's Conceptual PlayWorld App is a free app developed by Monash Professor Marilyn Fleer.  It contains a series of how-to videos specifically designed to help early childhood educators to design and implement their own Conceptual PlayWorlds. The app comes with examples to support your understanding.

Download here: The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. We also have a second version for Apple.


This App was developed by Fleer’s Conceptual PlayLab in collaboration with Moses Wan and Jonathan Li from the Monash University Faculty of Engineering and Dasha Spasojevic, Tom Morgan and Jason Crow from Monash Art Design and Architecture.

App support

If you need support with Fleer's Conceptual PlayWorld App, please email us at

A note on privacy

For the general public:
Any videos recorded on this App will be stored on the device. App users have control over what they record and save.

For research participants:
Data collected will be stored in accordance with Monash University research data storage principles and will only be accessed by the researchers. These principles state that all data (including electronic data) must be recorded and stored in a secure, durable and appropriately referenced form. Data management will comply with the Monash University data protection and privacy procedure, including the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic).