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Past events

Reimagining early childhood for the 21st century
May, 2020

Join Monash Education and Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer and her team as they reveal their findings one year on from the launch of the Conceptual PlayLab – a five-year research project investigating the best way to teach and support young children to form concepts in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM).

In this lecture, Professor Fleer presents about how Conceptual PlayWorlds is showing promising signs of engaging educators, the broader community (playgroups, childcare, preschools, schools, families), and keeping the gate open for girls in STEM. Early work is showing that our Conceptual PlayWorlds creates the conditions for infants and toddlers to be acting as engineers, scientists and technologists through this play-based model of learning.

The Conceptual PlayLab Launch
April, 2019

Join Monash University and Professor Marilyn Fleer at the launch of the Conceptual PlayLab.

In this seminar, Professor Fleer breaks down the existing research and looks at her new play-based model of learning. Find out what are the steps and strategies educators can use to bring together imagination in play and imagination in STEM when using or adapting this model. Also learn how early childhood educators can be involved in developing, testing and refining this world-leading research, and the critical role educators play in developing a new generation of thinkers.