Terms and conditions: M-Pass card


M-Pass card

Your official Monash University identification card is called M-Pass. Your M-Pass card will contain your photo, name, student / staff number and a barcode for the library. Reference to M-Pass within these terms and conditions refers to your ID card.

M-Pass account

An M-Pass card gives you access to your M-Pass online account. This account is used to store money to pay for printing, library fines and other goods and services on campus. Access to top up your online account or view your purchase activity is available via my.monash.

Terms and conditions

  1. By using your M-Pass you agree to these terms and conditions:

    • For Student and Staff M-Pass, if we notify you of any changes to these terms and conditions, you accept these by continuing to use your M-Pass card after being notified.
    • For Guest M-Pass, you acknowledge that the latest terms and conditions as at the time of your use of the M-Pass apply, and that it is your responsibility to check the M-Pass website for any changes to the terms and conditions.

    If any of the following terms and conditions are changed, we will provide at least 20 days’ notice before they take effect:

    • imposing or increasing fees or charges for either issuing or replacing an M-Pass or for performing transactions
    • increasing a user's liability for losses relating to transactions, or
    • imposing, removing or changing a daily or other periodic limit on transactions or the use of the M-Pass.

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