Academic records (transcripts)

An academic record (or transcript) is a formal record of your academic history at the University. You'll get a free transcript, in digital format, when you graduate.

If you studied more than one course, you can request a hard copy transcript for a specific course only. We'll include a statement that the document is not a complete record of all your studies at Monash.

There are two types of academic record – unofficial and official. To get copies, log into the Web Enrolment System (WES). If you're encumbered, you won't have access to hard copies of your transcript in the Web Enrolment System (WES).

Things to consider before ordering a transcript

If making changes to your results, wait until you receive an email confirming that the changes have gone through, so they’re reflected on your transcript. You can also check in WES to see whether your results have been updated.

Digital copies are faster to receive and cheaper than hard copies.

If you’ve finished your studies and want a complete transcript, make sure you have been course completed by your faculty before ordering. Find out how to check this in the Official record section below.

Unofficial record

At anytime, you can access a record of your past results and view an unofficial record in WES.

Past students: If you studied before 1997, you may not have access to your unofficial record in WES. Contact Monash Connect if you receive an error.

Official record

You’ll receive an official academic record in digital format when you graduate. You can also order and pay for an official transcript at any time during your studies.

For the current price of an official academic record, see miscellaneous fees.

Ordering a transcript after completing your course

After completing your course, your faculty needs to mark you as course completed before your transcript will show a complete record of your marks and grades. You should check this before ordering:

  1. Log into WES to view your results.
  2. Under your course, check the status:
    • NOMINATED means you’re not yet course completed. Check back at a later date (it can take up to ten business days).
    • COMPLETED means you have been course completed and can order your proof of qualification and/or transcript.

For more information, see course completion.

Digital format

If you’re currently enrolled at Monash University, you can buy an official academic record in digital format. You can also provide a link to potential employers or other people, so they can view a verified copy online.

To organise your digital academic record

  1. Log into the Web Enrolment System to order and pay.
  2. Within one working-day, your record becomes available through the My eQuals portal.
  3. You then receive an email with instructions on how to access your digital document.

Tip! You need to link your My eQuals account to Monash University, otherwise you won't be able to access your academic record.

Once you've registered in My eQuals, you're given the option to sign in with your education provider, which links your account to Monash. Alternatively, after you've set up your account, you can link it to Monash in Profile settings which you'll find by clicking on your name at the top right of My eQuals.

Already have a My eQuals account but it's not linked to Monash University?

Before viewing your documents for the first time, you need to link your account to Monash.

  1. Log into My eQuals
  2. At the top of the screen, select your name to see a drop-down menu
  3. Choose Profile settings
  4. Under Education provider accounts, link to Monash University. To do this:
    1. go to the Link Account function
    2. select Monash University as the institution
    3. link your My eQuals account by logging into your Monash University student account.

If you've ordered documents in WES, you should now be able to see them in My eQuals.

We also recommend you update your My eQuals profile so you can access your documents when your Monash account expires after graduating. You can connect your My eQuals account to a personal email or social media account in Profile settings.

From May 2017, graduates will receive their official academic record in digital format. You’ll receive an email on how to access your digital record a few weeks after your graduation.

Hard copy format

Delivery by post

Currently, a delay in processing hard copy transcripts means it will take up to five weeks plus postage time to receive your transcript.

Standard mail

Order and pay for a hard copy academic record in WES to be sent by mail. After payment, you can check the progress of your order online. Overseas delivery times take about three to five weeks.

Past students can also order online using WES (login) past students. If you attended or completed your course before 1997, allow three to four weeks for delivery.

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