Digital documents

On request, a Monash student or graduate can provide access to their official Monash credentials through the My eQuals portal. This guarantees the document's authenticity as students and graduates can't upload or modify documents in My eQuals. Only accredited universities from Australia and New Zealand can issue documents through this platform.

Online: A Monash student or graduate can provide you with a link, directing you to their official documents. Check that you're viewing the document through the My eQuals portal - the link should start with

PDF file: Certified documents viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader have a blue ribbon above the document stating, Certified by Monash University… all signatures are valid. Documents that have been tampered with or modified show a red X and error message in the blue ribbon.

You need to ensure you're viewing your documents using the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (not your browser), while connected to the internet. Slow internet speed may limit Acrobat Reader's ability to verify the document's signature.

Printed: Digital documents can only be guaranteed when viewed online using Adobe Acrobat Reader. We can't verify a document's authenticity in printed format unless it's a certified hard copy issued directly by the University.

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