Hard copy documents

Monash security features for hardcopy documents differ, depending on the document type and when it was issued.

Award certificates (testamurs) have:

  • micro-text lines appearing in the inverted V shape in our crest. When magnified these read as MONASHUNIVERSITY repeating
  • an invisible image (like a watermark) of our University's crest and name, which appears under UV lighting (black light)
  • the embossed Monash seal
  • a unique barcode on the reverse side.

Academic records (transcripts) and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements include:

  • a holographic image of a globe in the footer
  • micro-text lines in the header and footer, which when magnified read as MONASHUNIVERSITY repeating
  • micro-printed patterns within the main body image
  • a watermark of an eagle, repeated across the page.

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