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On 9 February 2016 guest speaker John Pollaers, Chairman of the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council, and Chair of the Federal Government's new Industry and Skills Committee gave an enlightening presentation on 'The Future of Australian Manufacturing' in the Green Chemical Futures building at Monash University.  He said, 'Innovative chemistry and materials science is at the core of many advanced manufacturers.'

Pollaers4 'One way to distinguish "advanced" manufacturing is by the rate of technology adoption and creation, and the ability to use that technology to remain competitive and add value. That means thinking differently. It means, among many other things, thinking collaboratively. It means getting more PhDs into industry and ensuring our world-class research is developed and, crucially, that it is commercialised.'

'Your Network is well ahead of the game in understanding how vital this is. Your work is also helping to power the rest of industry. New materials, new solutions and new applications are enabling manufacturers to remain competitive in a global context, and that is where your greatest impact is.'

'I am fiercely proud of our Australian-grown successes, and believe we have what it takes to build competitive industries unconstrained by the size of our domestic market', said Mr Pollaers.

John Pollaers also gave interesting account of the 4th industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 (merging of the cyber and the physical worlds) and its impact on the future of Australian manufacturing.

There were over 90 attendees at this Chemicals and Plastics Innovation Network event including employees from 25 C&P companies and associations.


'The Future of Australian Manufacturing' - Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturing Innovation Network event held on 9 February 2016 where the guest speaker was John Pollaers.  C&P PhD researchers, C&P Innovation Network management team and C&P Network Advisory Board chair with John Pollaers.



C&P Innovation Network management team and C&P Network Advisory Board chair with John Pollaers.