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On 6 August 2015 the Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturing Innovation Network PhD researchers and management team, and Trish Kerin (Director - ChemE safety centre, Institution of Chemical Engineers) visited the PPG Industries site in Clayton to learn about occupational health and safety in an industrial setting.  The following PPG Industries staff - Sharon Hurree-Rosalie (EHS Manager), Dr Craig Smith (Technical Director, Industrial Coatings) and Adrian Lacey - gave useful insights into health and safety during the PPG Industries site tour.  Sharon Hurree-Rosalie also gave a presentation on the PPG Environmental, Health and Safety Management system.

Feedback from the visit was positive:

'In summary, this was an enlightening experience that sheds some light on some of the safety precautions taken by industry to protect the health and safety of their employees, along with the capital investments and equipment.'

'Learnt about the various safety protocols followed in paint manufacturing. I also learnt about the importance of the changes to be made to Risk Assessment while changing a technology from a small laboratory scale to a large industrial scale. I found the total visit very informative and learned a lot about industrial safety.'

PPG visit