Culture Connect

Culture Connect brings together domestic and international students, creating the opportunity for you to develop authentic and enduring cultural connections with your peers at Monash.

As a domestic student, whether you’re learning a language, planning study abroad, or just interested in knowing more about the world, you’ll get the opportunity to have an authentic cultural exchange, hone your language skills, and gain unique insights into your country or culture of choice.

As an international student, you’ll have the opportunity to develop social networks at Monash, immerse yourself in local culture, and get a feel for the nuances of the local language.

How it works

You can join through Culture Connect's social networking platform, which lets you create a profile, find matches, send messages and arrange meetings.

  1. Sign up to Culture Connect at any time using your Monash ID, selecting the culture or language that interests you.
  2. Connect with others from a list of possible matches, sorted by your interests and campus location.

Once you’ve signed up, you can make connections with as many people as you like. Just send a meeting invitation through the system – this will link to your Google Calendar. You can then meet up and discuss topics of interest, building your language and communication skills and cultural knowledge and awareness – we suggest two meetings for you to get to know one another.

Benefits of joining

  • Feel more prepared to explore foreign countries.
  • Gain local insights and information about must-do experiences in your country of choice.
  • Broaden your awareness and appreciation of the various cultures and diversity that make up Monash.
  • Improve your ability to operate independently and responsibly in a diverse cultural context.
  • Enhance your sense of openness, embracing differing perspectives by building connections with a community.


Read our testimonials to find out what other students have said about Culture Connect.

Naomi Stead

Xiang Li

Joining Culture Connect and meeting domestic students has been a great benefit to my experience abroad, study and life. This activity gave me a deeper understanding of the attitude of local people towards international students. It was also a great help in my integration into the local life and helps me have a good attitude about life in Australia.

Naomi Stead

Qian Li

Culture Connect provides an opportunity to connect with local students and conduct in-depth conversations with local students. It has allowed me to learn more about Aussie culture and etiquettes. International students can practise English through talking about their own culture while learning about Australian culture.

Naomi Stead

Genevieve Pyman

I really enjoyed learning about someone else and sharing a truly meaningful conversation with somebody I may never have had the chance to meet. Being able to share stories and learn about someone from another walk of life is invaluable. The fact that I can now do that so easily at my own university is really exciting.