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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • MFA can protect against 80% of hacking incidents

    Nearly everything is connected to an online account. These accounts store all of our sensitive data, from our names and birth-dates to our bank account details. 80% of account hacking could be prevented just by using multi-factor authentication. Using multi-factor authentication will keep all your sensitive data safe from hackers.

  • Weak passwords + single authentication = hacked

    Millions of accounts are hacked every day. This happens because people have weak passwords and only one form of authentication.

  • Safeguard your info online with MFA

    A lot of important data is stored in our online accounts and they’re usually protected with our personalised passwords. Hackers are able to steal these passwords, which comprises our accounts and sensitive data. You can keep your account safe by using multi-factor authentication. This adds another level of security to your private information, keeping it safe from hackers.


  • Multi-factor for personal online accounts

    Monash University enforces MFA to keep your account and data safe. What is keeping your personal accounts safe? Have you turned on MFA for Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc? Learn how to turn on MFA for these accounts.

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