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Outdated software

  • Get latest software update for your devices

    Everything, from our phone apps, to our computer and laptop software, needs constant updating. We know it can be frustrating to do, and we all put these updates off as long as possible. But these updates are important. Outdated software can leave us vulnerable. Keep yourself protected by making sure your software is up to date.

  • Set software to be updated while you sleep

    Are you bombarded with notifications to update your phone? Can’t find the time to update it? Do it while you sleep. Updating your phone is an integral step to keeping it and your data safe. Find the time to update your phone now and get on with your day, without the worry.

  • Stop putting off the software update

    We all need to keep our computer and anti-virus software up to date. Any time we ignore these updates and put them off for another day means that our computers are put at risk. This means our sensitive details and files are also at risk. Don’t put it off, update your computer now.


  • Make installing updates a top priority

    Learn how you can set auto update for Windows, Apple OS / iOS, Android, Google, Anti Virus and plugins for your different devices.

  • Keep your software up to date

    Find out more on the link below why this is so important.

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