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Password manager

  • Password, passphrase and password manager

    Can you remember all your passwords? Are they easy to remember? If you’ve answered yes to those questions, chances are, they’re probably easy to crack as well. Make your passwords stronger by using different phrases that are hard to guess. And if you’re worried about forgetting them, and even if you’re not, you should use a password manager.

  • Too many passwords to remember? Forget them all and use password manager

    We all try to keep our accounts safe by using different passwords. Sometimes this becomes too much, and we forget them, leaving us frustrated and more inclined to smash our keyboards. Password managers help avoid this by remembering them all in one secure place.

  • Always resetting forgotten passwords? Use password manager to save both yourself and all your passwords

    Do you have trouble remembering all those passwords for your online accounts? Ever forgotten a password? Avoid it, and keep all your other passwords safe as well. Use a password manager, keep them secret and keep them safe.

  • Using one password for all accounts? Password manager can help you change that bad habit

    Do you use one password for different accounts? One password to rule them all, really? It might be easy to remember, but it’s also easy to hack and access them all. It’s essential to use different passwords, and better to use a password manager. A password manager allows you to track and keep all your passwords safe and secure.


  • Using a password manager

    Reusing one password for all accounts? Do you have trouble remembering your passwords? Use a password manager!

  • Check weak passwords

    Is the password you want to use too common to protect you from hackers? Has it already been exposed in a data breach?

  • Has you been pwned?

    Check if your online accounts have been involved in a data breach.

  • 'Reuse and recycle' is great for the environment, but terrible for passwords

    Never use the same password for multiple accounts.

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