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Safe Web Browsing

  • Sites with un-safe pop-ups

    We visit countless websites every day. But not all of these websites are completely safe. Even safe websites can have unsafe pop-ups. These pop-ups can take you to dodgy websites which automatically download viruses. It’s critical that you look out for unsafe websites so you can protect yourself online.

  • Downloading from un-safe sites

    We often download useful software or content from the internet. In our search for the right stuff, we sometimes find ourselves on dodgy sites. It’s important to protect yourself from unsafe downloading sites. Never download files from unsafe sites.

  • Sites with multiple download buttons

    Everyday, we visit a wide variety of websites. It’s important you know if the websites you visit are unsafe. Do they have pop-up windows or multiple download buttons? Avoid these dodgy sites and keep safe.


Learn how to spot and avoid unsafe and harmful websites. Know what to check for, such as what a safe URL looks like.

Turn on safe browsing settings in your web browser, and make sure to install the most current version of your browser to be alerted to potential cyber security threats.

  • Apply security filter on Internet Explorer

    Check out how smart screen filter can protect you from dangerous sites on your IE browser.

  • Apply security on Firefox browser

    Take a further step and explore a bunch of useful information on how you can apply security features on your Firefox browser.

  • Check site security in Google Chrome

    Check if your website connection via Chrome browser is safe and secure.

  • Check website category

    If you think a website you want to visit might be harmful, check the classification of the website.

  • Wot plugin

    Wot provides site reviews and real-time protection when visiting websites. Add the Wot plugin to your web browsers - including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer - and devices for another layer of protection.

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