Book Club (R for Data Science) & Exploring Open Refine

Event Name Book Club (R for Data Science) & Exploring Open Refine
Start Date 27 Jul 2018 2:00 PM
End Date 27 Jul 2018 4:00 PM
Duration 2 hours

Data Fluency Drop-In Session: Friday 27nd July, 2pm - 4pm

G19, 15 Innovation Walk (opposite Cinque Lire Cafe).

Book Club (R for Data Science) & Exploring OpenRefine (2 ~ 3 pm)

For the Data Fluency book club for this month (2 pm, July 27th), we will be looking at Chapters 9 through to 16 of “R for Data Science”, which covers “data wrangling”: loading and tidying data, operations such as spreading, gathering and joining.

Exploring OpenRefine (2 ~ 3 pm)

Continuing the data wrangling theme, we will also be spending some time discovering what OpenRefine can do to clean and transform data. If you’ve never used it, here’s a chance to play with it and learn together. If you have used it, bring some dirty data and show us what it can do! Come with your laptop and OpenRefine installed. Download OpenRefine If there is a chance you’ll want to demonstrate something quickly, have Zoom installed so you can share your screen.

Once again, this will be more interesting if people bring examples. Strange file formats. Peculiar spreadsheets. Parsing challenges, solved or unsolved. Desktops can be shared to the projector using Zoom (

Also …

The MelbourneDatathon will have just started so, for anyone participating in this, one thing we can discuss wrangling is whatever data-set this turns out to be.