AI for Good Showcase 2022


To build upon Monash University’s long history of excellence in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science research, leading to practical solutions at scale and with immediacy to current and future global challenges, we held the Monash Data Futures Institute AI for Good Showcase 2022 on Thursday 9 June.

This year’s highly successful Showcase featured major projects, including our collaborations with industry, government and not-for-profit partners, that reflect Monash University's expertise in advancing AI and Data Science to tackle problems of critical importance to human well-being and preservation of the global environment. The showcase also provided a platform to explore further opportunities to connect with Monash University’s thought-leaders in AI for Social Good.

We were delighted to host, as Keynote Speakers, Dr Helen Frazer, Clinical Director of St Vincent’s Hospital BreastScreen, and the winner of the Women in AI Innovator of the Year Award 2022, and Dr Alex Fischer, Head of Research at Paul Ramsay Foundation.

The event also included talks and poster presentations showcasing the impact of Monash AI Research and highlighting the benefits and challenges of cross-sector interdisciplinary research to advance AI applications for social good. Interactive discussions and networking sessions enabled attendees to explore research challenges, form new collaborations and envisage solutions.

Keynote Speakers

Helen Frazer

Dr Helen Frazer
Clinical Director, St Vincent’s Hospital BreastScreen

Dr Helen Frazer is a radiologist, breast cancer clinician and AI researcher with over 20 years of clinical experience in breast screening, imaging and cancer diagnosis. She is passionate about the opportunities for technology to improve health outcomes in cancer screening and diagnosis, and to transform the economics of screening programmes. Her current research includes the use of deep learning AI for breast cancer detection with mammography; ethical, social and legal implications of AI in cancer detection; user experience and workflow studies in cancer screening; and health workforce preparation for AI tools and decisioning. Currently Helen is Clinical Director, St Vincent’s Hospital BreastScreen, member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) Breast Imaging Advisory Committee, RANZCR AI Committee and Convenor of Breast Interest Group (BIG) scientific meetings. Helen is Lead Chief Investigator of the “Transforming Breast Cancer Screening with AI” or BRAIx project that was awarded a Medical Research Future Fund grant. Helen is the winner of the 2022 Women in AI Innovator of the Year Award.


Alex Fischer

Dr Alex Fischer
Head of Research, Paul Ramsay Foundation

Dr Alex Fischer is Head of Research at the Paul Ramsay Foundation (PRF) and Honorary Research Associate at the Smith School of Environment and Enterprise, University of Oxford. Dr Fischer and colleagues at PRF are working with the research, data and evidence communities to uncover the barriers, often unseen, which put opportunities beyond reach of many young Australians. Alex’s previous research focuses on institutions, information and drinking water infrastructure. As a geographer, he has collaborated with numerous interdisciplinary teams including data scientists, engineers and economists. His broad research interest is the role narratives have in shaping and constraining policy debates. Alex previously worked at the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), the Earth Institute at Columbia University on integrated socio-economic and environmental monitoring platforms in fragile states and advanced ways to integrate geospatial data into the Sustainable Development Goal indicators. He remains a member of the UN-SDSN Thematic Research Network on Data and Statistics (TReNDS ( He holds a DPHIL from the University of Oxford and a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University.


Rebekah Brown

Professor Rebekah Brown
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) & Senior Vice-President

Joanna Batstone

Professor Joanna Batstone
Director, Monash Data Futures Institute

Geoff Webb

Professor Geoff Webb
Research Director, Monash Data Futures Institute

Simon Angus

Associate Professor Simon Angus
Faculty of Business and Economics

Jessica Walsh

Dr Jessica Walsh
Faculty of Science

Peter Stuckey

Professor Peter Stuckey
Faculty of Information Technology

Sarah Goodwin

Dr Sarah Goodwin
Faculty of Information Technology

Darren Sharp

Dr Darren Sharp
Monash Sustainable Development Institute

Bernd Meyer

Professor Bernd Meyer
Faculty of Information Technology

Jenni Ilomaki

Dr Jenni Ilomaki
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Monica Jung

Ms Monica Jung
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Jiangning Song

Associate Professor Jiangning Song
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Shanti Sumartojo

Associate Professor Shanti Sumartojo
Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture

Reza Haffari

Associate Professor Reza Haffari
Faculty of Information Technology