Opportunities and Challenges of the Digital Revolution

Event date:  16 March 2023

The digital revolution presents enormous opportunities and challenges to virtually all players in the modern society.

Businesses need to understand and embrace digital transformation. Consumers may enjoy personalised services but also risk their privacy being compromised. Policymakers and regulators face the difficult task of how to rein in powerful big techs without discouraging innovation and investment.

Monash Business School’s new Digital Lab, the USC Initiative on Digital Competition at the USC Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California,  Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies at Monash Law, and the Monash Data Futures Institute collaborated together to present the first conference on “Opportunities and Challenges of the Digital Revolution”.

Day 1 of this conference featured cutting-edge academic research covering various topics relevant to the digital economy such as communication and search, licensing, platform competition, and regulation.

Day 2 of the conference had a practitioner focus with panelists from industry (Google, Meta), government (ACCC, Productivity Commission), and academia to discuss regulation of tech platforms, digital transformation, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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