What Next for Robots in Public Space?

Event date:  9 June 2021

Co-hosted by the Monash Data Futures Institute, the Emerging Technologies Research LabMonash Robotics, and Monash Better Governance and Policy, this workshop explored the future of robots in public space, and discussed the implications of this rapidly emerging technology for industry, business, government and city residents alike. It built on the findings of the 2020-2021 Robots in Public Space research project that combined perspectives from policy studies, robotics, social science and design to address how robots might contribute to public space.

A panel of speakers from four sectors - academia, the robotics industry, government, and end-users in business - offered perspectives on the opportunities and challenges offered by this rapidly emerging technology.

This was a unique multi-sector event organised around a critical new technology, with insights from leading thinkers in social robotics and policy innovation.


  • Don Parker - Director, Better Regulation Victoria
  • Nicci Roussouw - CEO Exaptec
  • Prof. Dana Kulić - Director, Monash Robotics
  • Bryan Goudsblom - CEO Monjon

The discussion panel was moderated by Prof Michael Mintrom, Director of Monash Better Governance and Policy.

zoom holding slide with headshots of moderators and speakers