Workshop on Deep Learning Algorithms for Space Research and Data Imaging

Event date:  23 February 2023

The Machine Learning and Data Applications Group in Solar Physics at the School of Mathematics and the Monash Data Futures Institute co-organized the 1st Workshop on Deep Learning Algorithms for Space Research and Data Imaging.

The workshop aimed at fostering Solar physics and Space Weather research through the application of Machine Learning (ML) and deep learning techniques.

With the availability of data and computational technologies in modern space/solar research, machine learning (ML) has emerged as a preferred methodology for data analysis and prediction. ML is part of AI (artificial intelligence), it is based on the idea that computer systems can learn from data by identifying patterns and then carry out classifications or predictions to aid researchers in decision-making and better modelling. However, the application and success of ML techniques depend heavily on datasets, algorithms, and layered structures.

This workshop presented case studies of applications of deep learning algorithms with a focus on solar/space physics. All case studies were accompanied by resources (recorded videos, PowerPoint presentations, mathematical notes with video explanations for algorithms and codes for learning) to help participants to learn ML algorithms and eventually, apply it to their own research.

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