Monash Data Futures Institute PhD Scholarships

Monash Data Futures Institute PhD Scholarships

Be a future thought leader - shape the future of AI and data science for social good.
Join a unique interdisciplinary PhD program with a core focus on research and application of AI and data science. Your journey to be an outstanding researcher starts here.
The Monash Data Futures Institute has introduced one of the most generous and prestigious PhD scholarships of any university in Australia. These scholarships aim to support a community of future thought leaders addressing some of the most pressing global challenges through the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science.

We are also proud to support the Next Generation Graduates Program, a scholarship program established by CSIRO that focuses on some of the most pressing topics across AI and emerging technologies. This program is open to domestic students planning to pursue PhD, Master’s by Research and Honours degrees.

About the Scholarship

The Monash Data Futures Institute PhD Scholarship offers $29,500 plus a top-up of $8,000 per annum for up to 3.5 years and a further $3,000 per annum in travel support. It also covers one-off relocation expenses and up to $16,700 Overseas Health Insurance Cover for international students.

Graduate research students receiving the Monash Data Futures Institute PhD Scholarship learn from leading academics across the Humanities, Science, Technology and Medicine fields, and work on research topics that relate to disciplines in two or more Monash faculties.

Students in this program become thought leaders at the intersection of data science, AI and the human experience; with a deep understanding of social, scientific and policy issues. The skills acquired are highly transferable across education, corporate, industry, government and not-for-profit  sectors, enabling graduates to apply their training to a broad spectrum of career paths.

About the Institute

The Monash Data Futures Institute was launched in 2019 to address future technologies, social partnerships and advanced AI applications in governance and policy, sustainable development and health sciences. Monash University’s strong focus on Humanities, Arts and Social Science uniquely positions us to drive the conversation around ethical AI, along with governance strategies and frameworks central to its advancement.

The Institute brings together leading cross-disciplinary expertise, international partnerships and one of the largest cohorts of AI and data science researchers in the Asia-Pacific. Located in the heart of the Monash Precinct in Melbourne, Monash Data Futures Institute is a powerful catalyst of data-driven change for social good, connecting the world’s best minds to create a truly interdisciplinary approach to deliver research impact.


We will open a new Expression of Interest round for our PhD Scholarships in 2022. In the meantime, please visit the “Applying with us” page to learn more about the steps involved in applying to the Monash Graduate Program, and see below for the types of interdisciplinary projects that we support.


International applications

Domestic applications


open 1 September to 31 March


open 1 November to 31 May


open 1 April to 31 August


open 1 June to 31 October

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