Engage with us

Engage with us

As your access point to Monash University’s vast network of researchers, academics, engineers and scientists, we partner with industry, government and non-profits at all levels to solve some of the toughest artificial intelligence and data science challenges.

Why us?

The emergence of data science and AI represent a new frontier in scientific and technological innovation. And there remains potential for greater impact in various sectors of industry, government, academia and not for profits.

As an anchor-point for one of the largest cohorts of world-class AI and data science research expertise in the Asia Pacific region, Monash Data Futures Institute plays an important role as a trusted partner and advisor in this scientific landscape.

Solutions for industry, government and nonprofits

We solve challenges that allow data science and AI to be applied to real world problems, as well as difficult cross-disciplinary problems that have the potential to create new knowledge, build capability or deliver positive transformational change across sectors.

Whether the challenge is focussed on organisational productivity issues, or addressing profound social challenges at scale, we bring together world-class teams of social scientists, ethicists, AI and software engineers, mathematical and statistical researchers.

In providing solutions for industry, government and nonprofits, our engagements focus on resolving complex, intractable challenges through the deployment of exceptional academic talent, skills and scientific knowledge in a manner that allows mutual learning and sharing of best practices.

To discuss a collaboration or explore engagement options, please contact:

Andrew Dingjan
Senior Manager, Strategy and Engagement

Academic partnerships in AI and data science

We have a strong community of AI and data science researchers who excel in transformative research with real world impact, supported by world-class infrastructure. To join the MDFI community, become an affiliate.

A key role of the Institute is to connect researchers, both within Monash University and externally. If you seek world-leading AI and data science expertise for high-impact transformational research, we can connect you with the appropriate partner.

For more information on how to build an academic partnership, please contact:

Professor Geoff Webb
Research Director