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What are reasonable adjustments?


Reasonable adjustments enable people with disability to participate in the work and study environment along with their peers. Not all people who have a disability require reasonable adjustments.

Reasonable adjustments in the university environment refer to measures or actions taken to 'level the playing field', enable students with disability to participate on same basis as other students, and reduce the impacts of their condition on their studies.

Reasonable adjustments may encompass a range of areas including:

  • the physical environment, such as installation of ramps, lifts and other accessible facilities
  • teaching delivery and format, such as lecturers providing slides and other teaching material to students in advance of class, or the recording of lectures
  • alternative formats for course materials, such as text books in electronic format
  • utilisation of assistance equipment and services, such as assistive software or notetakers
  • amendments to assessment arrangements, such as flexible assignment deadlines or extra time during examinations.

More information about how staff can support students and provide reasonable adjustments can be found at disability resources for staff.

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