Privacy Statement

Disability Support Services collects and maintains personal and health information in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2000, the Health Records Act 2001 and the Monash University Privacy Procedure. Copies of these Acts and the procedure is located at Privacy at Monash.

Disability Support Services collects and stores information securely for the purpose of providing services including advice, referral, and direct support. The collection of this information assists to identify reasonable adjustments under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and Disability Standards for Education 2005 in order to provide support services to students registered with Disability Support Services and to implement reasonable adjustments in their education at Monash University.

Information is also collected for planning, funding, monitoring and evaluating services, and where practicable, identifying details are removed. Disability Support Services may also use and disclose your personal and/or health information to mitigate a serious risk to your health or safety, or that of another person.

Students registering with Disability Support Services:

  • have the right to disclose to Disability Support Services only the information they feel comfortable to release – a student can limit the information they provide Disability Support Services or choose not to provide consent to share information, although this may restrict Disability Support Services capacity to provide reasonable accommodations
  • will be asked to sign the 'student declaration' on the Disability Support Services Registration Form (pdf, 0.13 mb) or Disability Support Services Carer Registration Form (pdf, 0.35 mb), indicating they have read this privacy statement and give the Disability Adviser permission to communicate, as necessary, with their treating health professional/s, the Examination Unit organising their assessment, lecturers teaching them, tutors instructing them, and faculty staff responsible for the administration to support their accommodations and to access the Monash University student database to verify enrolment details.

This authorisation is valid for the time specified on the registration form, and a student can revoke their consent at any time in writing. If consent is not forthcoming, or is revoked, Disability Support Services may be unable to provide services to the student.

Students have a right to access personal information that Monash University holds about them, subject to any exceptions in relevant legislation. If a student wishes to seek access to personal information held by Disability Support Services, please contact the University Privacy Officer at