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Borg lab publications

Selected highlight publications

[*joint first/senior author]

1. Fodor J., Riley B.T., Borg N.A*., Buckle A.M*. (2018). Previously hidden dynamics at the TCR-pMHC interface revealed. Journal of Immunology. 200 (12), 4134.

2. Atkinson, S.C., Audsley, M.D, Lieu K.G., Marsh, G.A., Thomas, D.R., Heaton, S.M., Paxman, J.J., Wagstaff, K.M., Buckle, A.M., Moseley, G.W., Jans, D.A*., Borg, N.A*. (2018). Characterization of Hendra virus V protein interactions with human nuclear transport receptors reveals opportunities to target Hendra virus infection. Scientific Reports. 8 (1), 358.

3. Atkinson SC, Armistead JS, Mathias DK, Sandeu MM, Tao D, Borhani-Dizaji N, Tarimo BB, Morlais I, Dinglasan RR*, Borg NA*. 2015. The Anopheles-midgut APN1 structure reveals a new malaria transmission-blocking vaccine epitope. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. 22 (7), 532-539.

4. Reboul CF, Meyer GR, Porebski B, Borg NA*, Buckle AM*. 2012. Epitope Flexibility and Dynamic Footprint Revealed by Molecular Dynamics of a pMHC-TCR Complex. PLoS Computational Biology. 8 (3):e1002404

5. Wun K.S*., Borg N.A*., Kjer-Nielsen L., Beddoe T., Koh R., Richardson SK., Thakur M., Howell AR., Scott-Browne J.P., Gapin L., Godfrey D.I., McCluskey J., Rossjohn J. (2008). A minimal binding footprint on CD1d-glycolipid is a basis for selection of the unique human NKT TCR. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 205(4), 939-949.

6. Borg NA, Wun KS, Kjer-Nielsen L, Wilce MC, Pellicci DG, Koh R, Besra GS, Bharadwaj M, Godfrey DI, McCluskey J, Rossjohn J. 2007. CD1d-lipid-antigen recognition by the semi-invariant NKT T cell receptor. Nature. 448 (7149), 44-49.

Additional publications

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