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Funding to help researchers uncover the secrets of COVID-19 immunity

The National Tribune and LabOnline were among media outlets reporting on the announcement that a collaborative research team including the Monash BDI was granted almost $1 million by the Federal Government towards a two-year project to determine

In the Press 11 October, 2020

Funding allows researchers to uncover the secrets of COVID-19 immunity

Federal funding will help a team of researchers determine how long immunity lasts in people who’ve recovered from COVID-19, critical information as the world waits for a vaccine.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 10 October, 2020

Media outlets home in on news of potential virus vaccine for the elderly

News that researchers from the BDI and National University of Singapore (NUS) have adapted new cancer and pan-influenza vaccine technology to develop a COVID-19 vaccine targeted at the elderly was greeted with huge interest.

In the Press 21 September, 2020

Novel cancer and flu vaccine technology adapted for COVID-19 vaccine candidate for elderly

Researchers from Monash University and the National University of Singapore have adapted new cancer and pan-influenza vaccine technology to developing a COVID-19 vaccine targeted for the elderly.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 21 September, 2020

COVID comfort eating driven by hormones

This year’s pandemic has caused many of us to look for ways to relieve stress at home, turning to activities such as eating that bring us joy and comfort, Hormones Australia reported. The website interviewed the BDI’s Dr Belinda Henry,

In the Press 15 September, 2020

Capitalising on falling coronavirus cases

Victoria’s daily number of coronavirus cases dropped to double digits with 94 infections recorded in the past 24 hours – but what now?

In the Press 28 August, 2020

Mixed outcomes of COVID reinfection

The Financial Review sought the expert views of the BDI’s Professor Stephen Turner on news that a Hong Kong man had been reinfected with the COVID-19 virus.

In the Press 27 August, 2020

All things ‘on the table’ with COVID-19: BDI expert

The BDI’s Professor Stephen Turner was among a number of Australian researchers asked their ideas by the Financial Review on how international travel might be ‘rebooted’ without a vaccine for coronavirus.

In the Press 27 August, 2020

Scientist weighs into vaccine controversy

The BDI’s Professor Stephen Turner added a scientific voice to the controversy over the development of Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine.

In the Press 25 August, 2020