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Davey lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. **Hunter S, **Willcox CR, **Davey MS, Kasatskaya SA, Jeffery HC, Chudakov DM, et al. Human liver infiltrating γδ T cells are composed of clonally expanded circulating and tissue-resident populations. Journal of Hepatology. 2018;69(3):654-665. [Journal ranked 4/80 {Gastroenterology & hepatology}, Q1].

2. #Davey MS, Willcox CR, Hunter S, Kasatskaya SA, Remmerswaal EBM, Salim M, et al. The human Vδ2(+) T-cell compartment comprises distinct innate-like Vγ9(+) and adaptive Vγ9(-) subsets. Nature Communications. 2018;9(1):1760. [Journal ranked 3/64 {multidisciplinary sciences}, Q1].

3. Davey MS, Willcox CR, Baker AT, Hunter S, Willcox BE. Recasting Human Vδ1 Lymphocytes in an Adaptive Role. Trends in Immunology. 2018;39(6):446-59. [Journal ranked 5/155 {Immunology}, Q1].

4. Davey MS, Malde R, Mykura RC, Baker AT, Taher TE, Le Duff CS, et al. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of ( E)-4-Hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-enyl Phosphate (HMBP) Aryloxy Triester Phosphoramidate Prodrugs as Activators of Vγ9/Vδ2 T-Cell Immune Responses. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2018;61(5):2111-7. [Journal ranked 3/59 {Medicinal chemistry}, Q2].

5. Davey MS, Willcox CR, Joyce SP, Ladell K, Kasatskaya SA, McLaren JE, et al. Clonal selection in the human Vδ1 T cell repertoire indicates γδ TCR-dependent adaptive immune surveillance. Nature Communications. 2017;8:14760. [Journal ranked 3/64 {multidisciplinary sciences}, Q1].

6. Davey MS, Morgan MP, Liuzzi AR, Tyler CJ, Khan MWA, Szakmany T, et al. Microbe-specific unconventional T cells induce human neutrophil differentiation into antigen cross-presenting cells. Journal of Immunology. 2014;193(7):3704-16. [Journal ranked 26/148 {Immunology}, Q1].

7. Davey MS, Tamassia N, Rossato M, Bazzoni F, Calzetti F, Bruderek K, et al. Failure to detect production of IL-10 by activated human neutrophils. Nature Immunology. 2011;12(11):1017-8. [Journal ranked 3/139 {immunology}, Q1].

8. Davey MS, Lin CY, Roberts GW, Heuston S, Brown AC, Chess JA, et al. Human neutrophil clearance of bacterial pathogens triggers anti-microbial γδ T cell responses in early infection. PLoS Pathogens. 2011;7(5):e1002040. [Journal ranked 9/114 {microbiology}, Q1].

Additional publications

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