All things ‘on the table’ with COVID-19: BDI expert

Professor Stephen Turner, Head of Department of Microbiology, Co-Head Infection and Immunity Program, Co-Head Monash BDI’s COVID-19 Program

The BDI’s Professor Stephen Turner was among a number of Australian researchers asked their ideas by the Financial Review on how international travel might be ‘rebooted’ without a vaccine for coronavirus. The story said it was possible that other drugs would help do this although they were getting less attention than vaccines. The tools suggested by the researchers included antivirals, biologicals, adjuvants, and testing and tracking techniques. Professor Turner said the antiviral Tamiflu was taken by some people before flights and that while it won’t prevent infection, it will limit the growth and transmission of that virus and stop them getting sick. He raised the possibility of using adjuvants – immune stimulants usually mixed with vaccines – to boost frontline immunity against COVID-19. Travellers might potentially be able to spray it up their noses to stop the initial replication of the virus. “Given the time we are in – all things are on the table.” Read the article in the AFR (behind paywall).