Mixed outcomes of COVID reinfection

Professor Stephen Turner, Head of Department of Microbiology, Co-Head Infection and Immunity Program, Co-Head Monash BDI’s COVID-19 Program

The Financial Review sought the expert views of the BDI’s Professor Stephen Turner on news that a Hong Kong man had been reinfected with the COVID-19 virus. The man, who was ill the first time he caught the disease, had no symptoms the second time. The paper said this raised concerns that the virus might circulate for a long time and that a vaccine may not protect for long, but also promised hope that a person who has had the disease can develop partial immunity that protects them from becoming ill. This was the first laboratory confirmed case of reinfection with a different strain of the virus, it said. Professor Turner explained that the man’s “secondary response” was essentially how the immune system is set up to work. “It’s the sort of thing we try to do with vaccines and why (we) sometimes use boosters, to try and get that level of immunity up to prevent infection,” he said.  Read the article in the AFR (behind paywall).