Each for Equal: Celebrating International Women’s Day

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD), was #EachforEqual, drawn from the notion that an equal world is an enabled world, and that collectively each one of us can help create a gender equal world.

In the lead up to IWD 2020 on Sunday 8 March, a group of Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) researchers shared how they will support gender equality and what they hope to see changed in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM).

Our #EachforEqual champions


“I support #EachforEqual by taking the Panel Pledge to increase the representation of women in leadership in STEMM. I’d like to see recognition of merit beyond metrics for those whose research careers haven’t followed the standard path.”

Dr Jane Bourke, pharmacologist.

“I’m proud of our AthenaSWAN team, working to remove bias from all decisions that impact the careers of women in STEMM.”

Professor John Carroll, Director of the Monash BDI.

“I support #EachforEqual at the Monash BDI as Equity Committee Chair and LGBTQI ally. Our scientists tackle humanity’s intractable problems; we need bright minds supported so they can focus on world-leading solutions. It’s that simple.”

Dr Anne Fletcher, cancer researcher.

“As a scientist, I hope we can begin to value each other based on the calibre of our work and the contributions we make, and not allow our opinions to be influenced by someone's gender or age.”

Dr Genevieve Kerr, stem cell and cancer researcher in the Abud lab.


“I'll support #EachforEqual by being unafraid to take up space in the world, and lifting up other women by celebrating their achievements. I hope to see more support for women at early career stages to stay in STEMM.”

Dr Sarah Larcombe, microbiologist in the Lyras lab.


“I will support #EachforEqual by providing a positive and exciting vision of STEMM to aspiring young students I'd like to reduce the drop-out of talented women due to the overburden of family/work/life balance.”

Dr Natalie Lister, prostate cancer researcher in the Prostate Cancer Research Group.


“As a senior female in a world of science, I will support #EachforEqual by championing STEMM females at all levels. Recognising their achievements, hearing their voices, & supporting them in leadership roles.”

Professor Dena Lyras, microbiologist and Deputy Director of the Monash BDI.


“We are #EachforEqual at the Monash BDI, as we strive to increase diversity in research leadership.”

Professor Dena Lyras, Deputy Director, and Professor John Carroll, Director of the Monash BDI.


“I’d like to see more LGBTQI female leaders and allies in STEMM, to provide support and a sense of pride for those who feel under-represented.”

Dr Steven Mileto, microbiologist in the Lyras lab.


“Let's all stand together today for a future of equal opportunities.”

Professor Jose Polo, stem cell researcher.


“I will support #EachforEqual by helping to strengthen the network of STEMM women. I want to connect students and experienced scientists, to enable the best students to succeed in STEMM.”

Ms Lylarath Poly, Masters student and cancer researcher in the Fletcher and Knoblich lab.


“As a research leader, I'd like to see young women feel supported at all stages in their career. Bringing bright and diverse minds together is the key to accelerating medical research discoveries.”

Associate Professor Renea Taylor, prostate cancer researcher.

Thank you to everyone who got involved. Check out the Monash BDI’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to see the full campaign.