Monash BDI staff acknowledged in recent University promotions

Recognising excellence in research, education and engagement, a huge congratulations to each of the 17 Monash BDI staff who were successful with their recent academic promotions! We’ve recently added six new Professors to the institute, and seven Associate Professors.

Professor John Carroll, Director of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, offered his personal congratulations to everyone who had been promoted recently.

“Nothing happens in this place without great contributors, and being promoted is recognition for all the achievements you have made,” Professor Carroll said.

Congratulations to these researchers who have been promoted to Professor:

  • Professor Helen Abud: Head of the Epithelial Regeneration Lab, Helen also leads Monash BDI’s Organoid Program and is Co-Head of the Development and Stem Cells Discovery Program.
  • Professor Zane Andrews: Head of the Neural Control of Energy Homeostasis Lab, Zane is also the Deputy Head of the Metabolism, Diabetes and Obesity Program.
  • Professor Roger Pocock: Head of the Brain Development, Neuroplasticity and Stem Cells Lab.
  • Professor Chrishan Samuel: Head of the Fibrosis Lab, Chrishan is also the Deputy Head of the Cardiovascular Disease Program and Deputy Head of Department (Research) for Pharmacology.
  • Professor Ana Traven: Head of the Fungal Infections and Medical Mycology Lab, Ana is also the Co-Head of the Infection and Immunity Program, and Scientific Co-Lead of Monash BDI’s COVID-19 Program.
  • Professor Jackie Wilce: Co-Head of the Wilce Structural Biology Lab.

We also welcome seven new Associate Professors to our ranks:

Finally, congratulations to these researchers who have been promoted to Senior Research Fellow or Senior Lecturer (Education-Focused):

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