Venom may play a role in the fight against COVID-19

  • Researchers have found that the peptide they were already looking at for Alzheimer’s disease may help in the fight, or future fights, against COVID-19.
  • The team includes Monash’s Professor Wayne Hodgson and Professor Ian Smith, and Monash BDI’s Dr Sanjaya Kuruppu, Professor Helena Parkington and PhD candidate Rahini Ragavan Kakumanu.
  • The peptide binds to an enzyme which plays an important role in the cardiovascular system. The enzyme in question is called angiotensin-converting enzyme 2.
  • “Activating this enzyme also causes improvements in vascular function – it makes the blood vessels relax. This enzyme is also the receptor for COVID-19. Very early studies show it can stop the binding of proteins [the “spikes” in commonly seen images of the virus] to the cells. We found this very recently, and this is very preliminary, but it shows a lot of promise,” Dr Kuruppu says.

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Snakes alive: Venom may play a role in the fight against COVID-19

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