Obesity explainer: dispelling the myths

Did you know that two out of three people in Australia are overweight or obese? And that obesity is considered a global epidemic by the World Health Organisation? More importantly, did you know that bad eating habits are not the sole cause of obesity, and that genetics plays a significant role in an individual’s tendency to gain weight?

The latest research from the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute’s (BDI) Metabolic Disease and Obesity Program has led to a much better understanding of the multiple causes of obesity, yet many myths prevail – as does society’s judgemental stance.

Committed to engaging with the public about the impact of our research, the Monash BDI has produced this video to dispel the myths surrounding obesity. Depicted using appealing sketches, it describes how obesity is the result of genetics and the environment; gives examples of the metabolic processes that change due to obesity; and describes how our brain is involved in the regulation of these processes.

Researchers at the Monash BDI Metabolic Disease and Obesity Program investigate the bases of obesity and work in close collaboration with other BDI Discovery Programs, including cancer and cardiovascular disease, to decipher the links between these global health issues.

Share this video with friends and family: it is important that the myths and judgements surrounding this global epidemic are dispelled.

Monash BDI researchers: committed to understanding the causes of obesity and the links to other health issues