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Oldfield lab news

Professor Oldfield and his team’s ground-breaking work has featured prominently in many outlets, and he is willing to speak with the media. Here are a few highlights:

News and outreach highlights

  • Stigma and obesity: the crux of the matter, October 2019, The Lancet Public Health. Professor Oldfield comments on how health systems in 50 countries are ill equipped to address obesity, with the extent and gravity of the obesity crisis unfortunately only matched by the neglect and stigma faced by people with obesity.
  • Putting young scientists in the spotlight, April 2018, Monash BDI News. Dr Foldi – one of the 2017 Fresh Science competition winners – is featured.
  • The end of yo-yo dieting? Brain switch that controls fat burning uncovered, February 2018. Featured in Science Daily.
  • Obesity is a disease, not a choice, so let’s treat it, seriously, October 2017. Professor Oldfield was featured in print and on radio, expressing his views that obesity should be viewed as a ‘chronic relapsing disease process in line with other health agencies’ recommendations, such as WHO, American Medical Association the American Heart Association. Listen to hear Professor Oldfield on Radio 3AW speaking on this topic with Neil Mitchell.
  • Ask the Doctor: Obesity, May 2017. ABC TV Documentary exploring why the majority of people who diet and lose weight put it back on, and looking at the hidden environmental triggers that encourage us to eat too much. (Professor Oldfield features from 14:30 – 27:50.)
  • Melbourne scientists find key pathway to weight loss: December 2016. Professor Oldfield spoke to the Herald Sun about research he presented at the Australasian Neuroscience Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting. His research uncovered a key pathway that can convert white fat, which stores calories, into brown fat, which burns calories. Professor Oldfield’s research also sparked news stories on Channel 7, Channel 10, in the Adelaide Advertiser, the Daily Telegraph, and more.

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