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Monash BDI and COVID-19

Scientists are leading the global war against COVID-19. We are performing critical research to understand the disease and develop ways to defeat it.

Our researchers accepted the call to arms and are working with national and international partners to contribute to global efforts. At the Monash BDI, we now have more than 30 projects working on COVID-19. We have mobilised our world-leading expertise in immunology, infection and structural biology, and we're capitalising on our national and international networks of collaborators, and our strong partnerships with hospitals and clinical environments. Our researchers are recognised thought leaders providing expert commentary to inform and arm the public with facts, so that our response to the pandemic is as effective as possible.

The massive disruption imposed by COVID-19 has impacted our global economics, our societal norms and our personal lives. Monash BDI teams are driven to understand this disease and contribute to the development of therapeutics and vaccines to save lives.

Monash BDI background

The Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute’s quest to combat disease through discovery research is big, bold and ambitious. We are driven to disrupt the status-quo and challenge traditional research pathways to help lead development of next generation targeted clinical treatments. We have more than 700 scientists researching diseases in collaboration with a powerful network of research institutes, hospitals, clinicians and other allied medical practitioners in Australia and around the world. Positioned within Monash University, ranked in the top one per cent of world universities,  we have access to the University’s state-of-the-art technological tools enabling us to delve deep into our biological make-up with refined precision. The Monash BDI has been designed - and is structured to - progress ideas and insights across disciplines and disease areas, to bridge knowledge-gaps, inspire out-of-the-box, exploratory thinking and deliver real-world clinical solutions faster than ever before.