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Typically in any given year our scientists publish in excess of 600 research papers and reviews. Here we provide a selection of their research highlights. 'Highlight' papers are those led by Biomedicine Discovery Institute scientists and represent original research, published in the top journals in the field.

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1Balland, E., W. Chen, G.T. Dodd, G. Conductier, R. Coppari, T. Tiganis, and M.A. Cowley, Leptin Signaling in the Arcuate Nucleus Reduces Insulin's Capacity to Suppress Hepatic Glucose Production in Obese Mice. Cell Rep, 2019. 26(2): p. 346-355.e3.
2Croft, N.P., S.A. Smith, J. Pickering, J. Sidney, B. Peters, P. Faridi, M.J. Witney, P. Sebastian, I.E.A. Flesch, S.L. Heading, A. Sette, N.L. La Gruta, A.W. Purcell, and D.C. Tscharke, Most viral peptides displayed by class I MHC on infected cells are immunogenic. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2019. 116(8): p. 3112-3117.
3Cullen, J.G., H.A. McQuilten, K.M. Quinn, M. Olshansky, B.E. Russ, A. Morey, S. Wei, J.E. Prier, N.L. La Gruta, P.C. Doherty, and S.J. Turner, CD4(+) T help promotes influenza virus-specific CD8(+) T cell memory by limiting metabolic dysfunction. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2019.
4DeBono, A., D.R. Thomas, L. Lundberg, C. Pinkham, Y. Cao, J.D. Graham, C.L. Clarke, K.M. Wagstaff, S. Shechter, K. Kehn-Hall, and D.A. Jans, Novel RU486 (mifepristone) analogues with increased activity against Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus but reduced progesterone receptor antagonistic activity. Sci Rep, 2019. 9(1): p. 2634.
5Ghodrati, M., E. Zavitz, M.G.P. Rosa, and N.S.C. Price, Contrast and luminance adaptation alter neuronal coding and perception of stimulus orientation. Nat Commun, 2019. 10(1): p. 941.
6Good-Jacobson, K.L., B cells turn on, tune in with LSD1. Nat Immunol, 2019. 20(1): p. 3-5.
7Goulas, A., P. Majka, M.G.P. Rosa, and C.C. Hilgetag, A blueprint of mammalian cortical connectomes. PLoS Biol, 2019. 17(3): p. e2005346.
8Haqshenas, G., G. Terradas, P.N. Paradkar, J.B. Duchemin, E.A. McGraw, and C. Doerig, A Role for the Insulin Receptor in the Suppression of Dengue Virus and Zika Virus in Wolbachia-Infected Mosquito Cells. Cell Rep, 2019. 26(3): p. 529-535.e3.
9Harrison, P.F., A.D. Pattison, D.R. Powell, and T.H. Beilharz, Topconfects: a package for confident effect sizes in differential expression analysis provides a more biologically useful ranked gene list. Genome Biol, 2019. 20(1): p. 67.
10Izore, T., J. Tailhades, M.H. Hansen, J.A. Kaczmarski, C.J. Jackson, and M.J. Cryle, Drosophila melanogaster nonribosomal peptide synthetase Ebony encodes an atypical condensation domain. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2019. 116(8): p. 2913-2918.
11Jiang, J.H., M.S. Bhuiyan, H.H. Shen, D.R. Cameron, T.W.T. Rupasinghe, C.M. Wu, A.P. Le Brun, X. Kostoulias, C. Domene, A.J. Fulcher, M.J. McConville, B.P. Howden, G.J. Lieschke, and A.Y. Peleg, Antibiotic resistance and host immune evasion in Staphylococcus aureus mediated by a metabolic adaptation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2019. 116(9): p. 3722-3727.
12Koutsakos, M., P.T. Illing, T.H.O. Nguyen, N.A. Mifsud, J.C. Crawford, S. Rizzetto, A.A. Eltahla, E.B. Clemens, S. Sant, B.Y. Chua, C.Y. Wong, E.K. Allen, D. Teng, P. Dash, D.F. Boyd, L. Grzelak, W. Zeng, A.C. Hurt, I. Barr, S. Rockman, D.C. Jackson, T.C. Kotsimbos, A.C. Cheng, M. Richards, G.P. Westall, T. Loudovaris, S.I. Mannering, M. Elliott, S.G. Tangye, L.M. Wakim, J. Rossjohn, D. Vijaykrishna, F. Luciani, P.G. Thomas, S. Gras, A.W. Purcell, and K. Kedzierska, Human CD8+ T cell cross-reactivity across influenza A, B and C viruses. Nature Immunology, 2019.
13Lee, C.J., D.W. Smith, B.S. Gardiner, and R.G. Evans, Stimulation of erythropoietin release by hypoxia and hypoxemia: similar but different. Kidney Int, 2019. 95(1): p. 23-25.
14Ma, X., L. Zhang, J. Song, E. Nguyen, R.S. Lee, S.J. Rodgers, F. Li, C. Huang, R.B. Schittenhelm, H. Chan, C. Chheang, J. Wu, K.K. Brown, C.A. Mitchell, K.J. Simpson, and R.J. Daly, Characterization of the Src-regulated kinome identifies SGK1 as a key mediator of Src-induced transformation. Nat Commun, 2019. 10(1): p. 296.
15Padman, B.S., T.N. Nguyen, L. Uoselis, M. Skulsuppaisarn, L.K. Nguyen, and M. Lazarou, LC3/GABARAPs drive ubiquitin-independent recruitment of Optineurin and NDP52 to amplify mitophagy. Nat Commun, 2019. 10(1): p. 408.
16Sakaue, H., T. Shiota, N. Ishizaka, S. Kawano, Y. Tamura, K.S. Tan, K. Imai, C. Motono, T. Hirokawa, K. Taki, N. Miyata, O. Kuge, T. Lithgow, and T. Endo, Porin Associates with Tom22 to Regulate the Mitochondrial Protein Gate Assembly. Mol Cell, 2019. 73(5): p. 1044-1055.e8.
17Scheer, S., S. Ackloo, T.S. Medina, M. Schapira, F. Li, J.A. Ward, A.M. Lewis, J.P. Northrop, P.L. Richardson, H.U. Kaniskan, Y. Shen, J. Liu, D. Smil, D. McLeod, C.A. Zepeda-Velazquez, M. Luo, J. Jin, D. Barsyte-Lovejoy, K.V.M. Huber, D.D. De Carvalho, M. Vedadi, C. Zaph, P.J. Brown, and C.H. Arrowsmith, A chemical biology toolbox to study protein methyltransferases and epigenetic signaling. Nat Commun, 2019. 10(1): p. 19
18Schoppet, M., M. Peschke, A. Kirchberg, V. Wiebach, R.D. Sussmuth, E. Stegmann, and M.J. Cryle, The biosynthetic implications of late-stage condensation domain selectivity during glycopeptide antibiotic biosynthesis. Chem Sci, 2019. 10(1): p. 118-133.
19Shahine, A., P. Reinink, J.F. Reijneveld, S. Gras, M. Holzheimer, T.Y. Cheng, A.J. Minnaard, J.D. Altman, S. Lenz, J. Prandi, J. Kubler-Kielb, D.B. Moody, J. Rossjohn, and I. Van Rhijn, A T-cell receptor escape channel allows broad T-cell response to CD1b and membrane phospholipids. Nat Commun, 2019. 10(1): p. 56.
20Taylor, R.A., M. Fraser, R.J. Rebello, P.C. Boutros, D.G. Murphy, R.G. Bristow, and G.P. Risbridger, The influence of BRCA2 mutation on localized prostate cancer. Nat Rev Urol, 2019.
21Watt, M.J., A.K. Clark, L.A. Selth, V.R. Haynes, N. Lister, R. Rebello, L.H. Porter, B. Niranjan, S.T. Whitby, J. Lo, C. Huang, R.B. Schittenhelm, K.E. Anderson, L. Furic, P.R. Wijayaratne, M. Matzaris, M.K. Montgomery, M. Papargiris, S. Norden, M. Febbraio, G.P. Risbridger, M. Frydenberg, D.K. Nomura, and R.A. Taylor, Suppressing fatty acid uptake has therapeutic effects in preclinical models of prostate cancer. Sci Transl Med, 2019. 11(478).
22Torpe, N., S. Gopal, O. Baltaci, L. Rella, A. Handley, H.C. Korswagen, and R. Pocock, A Protein Disulfide Isomerase Controls Neuronal Migration through Regulation of Wnt Secretion. Cell Rep, 2019. 26(12): p. 3183-3190.e5
23Zhang, Q., N.J. McKenzie, R. Warneford-Thomson, E.H. Gail, S.F. Flanigan, B.M. Owen, R. Lauman, V. Levina, B.A. Garcia, R.B. Schittenhelm, R. Bonasio, and C. Davidovich, RNA exploits an exposed regulatory site to inhibit the enzymatic activity of PRC2. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 2019. 26(3): p. 237-247
1Balaji, G.R., O.A. Aguilar, M. Tanaka, M.A. Shingu-Vazquez, Z. Fu, B.S. Gully, L.L. Lanier, J.R. Carlyle, J. Rossjohn, and R. Berry, Recognition of host Clr-b by the inhibitory NKR-P1B receptor provides a basis for missing-self recognition. Nat Commun, 2018. 9(1): p. 4623.
2 Burrows, K., F. Antignano, A. Chenery, M. Bramhall, V. Korinek, T.M. Underhill, and C. Zaph, HIC1 links retinoic acid signalling to group 3 innate lymphoid cell-dependent regulation of intestinal immunity and homeostasis. PLoS Pathog, 2018. 14(2): p. e1006869.
3Chan, K.F., B.S. Gully, S. Gras, D.X. Beringer, L. Kjer-Nielsen, J. Cebon, J. McCluskey, W. Chen, and J. Rossjohn, Divergent T-cell receptor recognition modes of a HLA-I restricted extended tumour-associated peptide. Nat Commun, 2018. 9(1): p. 1026.
4 Chen, Z., P. Zhao, F. Li, A. Leier, T.T. Marquez-Lago, Y. Wang, G.I. Webb, A.I. Smith, R.J. Daly, K.C. Chou, and J. Song, iFeature: a python package and web server for features extraction
5 Chennamadhavuni, D., N.A. Saavedra-Avila, L.J. Carreno, M.J. Guberman-Pfeffer, P. Arora, T. Yongqing, R. Pryce, H.F. Koay, D.I. Godfrey, S. Keshipeddy, S.K. Richardson, S. Sundararaj, J.H. Lo, X. Wen, J.A. Gascon, W. Yuan, J. Rossjohn, J. Le Nours, S.A. Porcelli, and A.R. Howell, Dual Modifications of alpha-Galactosylceramide Synergize to Promote Activation of Human Invariant Natural Killer T Cells and Stimulate Anti-tumor Immunity. Cell Chem Biol, 2018. 25(5): p. 571-584.e8.
6 Christofferson, A.J., Z.S. Al-Garawi, N. Todorova, J. Turner, M.P. Del Borgo, L.C. Serpell, M.-I. Aguilar, and I. Yarovsky, Identifying the Coiled-Coil Triple Helix Structure of β-Peptide Nanofibers at Atomic Resolution. ACS Nano, 2018. 12(9): p. 9101-9109.
7Colafella, K.M.M. and K.M. Denton, Sex-specific differences in hypertension and associated cardiovascular disease. Nat Rev Nephrol, 2018. 14(3): p. 185-201.
8Davis, G.M., S. Tu, J.W. Anderson, R.N. Colson, M.J. Gunzburg, M.A. Francisco, D. Ray, S.P. Shrubsole, J.A. Sobotka, U. Seroussi, R.X. Lao, T. Maity, M.Z. Wu, K. McJunkin, Q.D. Morris, T.R. Hughes, J.A. Wilce, J.M. Claycomb, Z. Weng, and P.R. Boag, The TRIM-NHL protein NHL-2 is a co-factor in the nuclear and somatic RNAi pathways in C. elegans. Elife, 2018. 7.
9Deo, P., S.H. Chow, I.D. Hay, O. Kleifeld, A. Costin, K.D. Elgass, J.H. Jiang, G. Ramm, K. Gabriel, G. Dougan, T. Lithgow, E. Heinz, and T. Naderer, Outer membrane vesicles from Neisseria gonorrhoeae target PorB to mitochondria and induce apoptosis. PLoS Pathog, 2018. 14(3): p. e1006945.
10Dodd, G.T., N.J. Michael, R.S. Lee-Young, S.P. Mangiafico, J.T. Pryor, A.C. Munder, S.E. Simonds, J.C. Bruning, Z.Y. Zhang, M.A. Cowley, S. Andrikopoulos, T.L. Horvath, D. Spanswick, and T. Tiganis, Insulin regulates POMC neuronal plasticity to control glucose metabolism. Elife, 2018. 7.
11Evans, R.G. and C.P.C. Ow, Heterogeneity of renal cortical oxygenation: seeing is believing. Kidney Int, 2018. 93(6): p. 1278-1280.
12Faridi, P., C. Li, S.H. Ramarathinam, J.P. Vivian, P.T. Illing, N.A. Mifsud, R. Ayala, J. Song, L.J. Gearing, P.J. Hertzog, N. Ternette, J. Rossjohn, N.P. Croft, and A.W. Purcell, A subset of HLA-I peptides are not genomically templated: Evidence for cis- and trans-spliced peptide ligands. Sci Immunol, 2018. 3(28).
13 Forrester, J.V., P.G. McMenamin, and S.J. Dando, CNS infection and immune privilege. Nat Rev Neurosci, 2018. 19(11): p. 655-671.
14 Galperin, M., C. Farenc, M. Mukhopadhyay, D. Jayasinghe, A. Decroos, D. Benati, L.L. Tan, L. Ciacchi, H.H. Reid, J. Rossjohn, L.A. Chakrabarti, and S. Gras, CD4(+) T cell-mediated HLA class II cross-restriction in HIV controllers. Sci Immunol, 2018. 3(24).
15Garriga, D., S. Headey, C. Accurso, M. Gunzburg, M. Scanlon, and F. Coulibaly, Structural basis for the inhibition of poxvirus assembly by the antibiotic rifampicin. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2018. 115(33): p. 8424-8429.
16 Godfrey, D.I., J. Le Nours, D.M. Andrews, A.P. Uldrich, and J. Rossjohn, Unconventional T Cell Targets for Cancer Immunotherapy. Immunity, 2018. 48(3): p. 453-473.
17Grant, E.J., T.M. Josephs, L. Loh, E.B. Clemens, S. Sant, M. Bharadwaj, W. Chen, J. Rossjohn, S. Gras, and K. Kedzierska, Broad CD8(+) T cell cross-recognition of distinct influenza A strains in humans. Nat Commun, 2018. 9(1): p. 5427.
18Greule, A., J.E. Stok, J.J. De Voss, and M.J. Cryle, Unrivalled diversity: the many roles and reactions of bacterial cytochromes P450 in secondary metabolism. Nat Prod Rep, 2018. doi: 10.1039/c7np00063d.
19Grinter, R., I.D. Hay, J. Song, J. Wang, D. Teng, V. Dhanesakaran, J.J. Wilksch, M.R. Davies, D. Littler, S.A. Beckham, I.R. Henderson, R.A. Strugnell, G. Dougan, and T. Lithgow, FusC, a member of the M16 protease family acquired by bacteria for iron piracy against plants. PLoS Biol, 2018. 16(8): p. e2006026.
20Grohmann, M., F. Wiede, G.T. Dodd, E.N. Gurzov, G.J. Ooi, T. Butt, A.A. Rasmiena, S. Kaur, T. Gulati, P.K. Goh, A.E. Treloar, S. Archer, W.A. Brown, M. Muller, M.J. Watt, O. Ohara, C.A. McLean, and T. Tiganis, Obesity Drives STAT-1-Dependent NASH and STAT-3-Dependent HCC. Cell, 2018. 175(5): p. 1289-1306.e20.
21Gunasinghe, S.D., T. Shiota, C.J. Stubenrauch, K.E. Schulze, C.T. Webb, A.J. Fulcher, R.A. Dunstan, I.D. Hay, T. Naderer, D.R. Whelan, T.D.M. Bell, K.D. Elgass, R.A. Strugnell, and T. Lithgow, The WD40 Protein BamB Mediates Coupling of BAM Complexes into Assembly Precincts in the Bacterial Outer Membrane. Cell Rep, 2018. 23(9): p. 2782-2794.
22 Hankir, M.K., F. Seyfried, A.D. Miras, and M.A. Cowley, Brain Feeding Circuits after Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. Trends Endocrinol Metab, 2018. 29(4): p. 218-237.
23Illing, P.T., P. Pymm, N.P. Croft, H.G. Hilton, V. Jojic, A.S. Han, J.L. Mendoza, N.A. Mifsud, N.L. Dudek, J. McCluskey, P. Parham, J. Rossjohn, J.P. Vivian, and A.W. Purcell, HLA-B57 micropolymorphism defines the sequence and conformational breadth of the immunopeptidome. Nat Commun, 2018. 9(1): p. 4693.
24 Kamerkar, S.C., F. Kraus, A.J. Sharpe, T.J. Pucadyil, and M.T. Ryan, Dynamin-related protein 1 has membrane constricting and severing abilities sufficient for mitochondrial and peroxisomal fission. Nat Commun, 2018. 9(1): p. 5239.
25Knoblich, K., S. Cruz Migoni, S.M. Siew, E. Jinks, B. Kaul, H.C. Jeffery, A.T. Baker, M. Suliman, K. Vrzalikova, H. Mehenna, P.G. Murray, F. Barone, Y.H. Oo, P.N. Newsome, G. Hirschfield, D. Kelly, S.P. Lee, B. Parekkadan, S.J. Turley, and A.L. Fletcher, The human lymph node microenvironment unilaterally regulates T-cell activation and differentiation. PLoS Biol, 2018. 16(9): p. e2005046.
26Koch, B., A.A. Barugahare, T.L. Lo, C. Huang, R.B. Schittenhelm, D.R. Powell, T.H. Beilharz, and A. Traven, A Metabolic Checkpoint for the Yeast-to-Hyphae Developmental Switch Regulated by Endogenous Nitric Oxide Signaling. Cell Rep, 2018. 25(8): p. 2244-2258.e7.
27La, H.M., J.A. Makela, A.L. Chan, F.J. Rossello, C.M. Nefzger, J.M.D. Legrand, M. De Seram, J.M. Polo, and R.M. Hobbs, Identification of dynamic undifferentiated cell states within the male germline. Nat Commun, 2018. 9(1): p. 2819.
28La Gruta, N.L., S. Gras, S.R. Daley, P.G. Thomas, and J. Rossjohn, Understanding the drivers of MHC restriction of T cell receptors. Nat Rev Immunol, 2018. 18(7): p. 467-478.
29Lam, M., S.G. Royce, C.S. Samuel, and J.E. Bourke, Serelaxin as a novel therapeutic opposing fibrosis and contraction in lung diseases. Pharmacol Ther, 2018. 187: p. 61-70.
30Lawrence, M.G., D. Obinata, S. Sandhu, L.A. Selth, S.Q. Wong, L.H. Porter, N. Lister, D. Pook, C.J. Pezaro, D.L. Goode, R.J. Rebello, A.K. Clark, M. Papargiris, J. Van Gramberg, A.R. Hanson, P. Banks, H. Wang, B. Niranjan, S. Keerthikumar, S. Hedwards, A. Huglo, R. Yang, C. Henzler, Y. Li, F. Lopez-Campos, E. Castro, R. Toivanen, A. Azad, D. Bolton, J. Goad, J. Grummet, L. Harewood, J. Kourambas, N. Lawrentschuk, D. Moon, D.G. Murphy, S. Sengupta, R. Snow, H. Thorne, C. Mitchell, J. Pedersen, D. Clouston, S. Norden, A. Ryan, S.M. Dehm, W.D. Tilley, R.B. Pearson, R.D. Hannan, M. Frydenberg, L. Furic, R.A. Taylor, and G.P. Risbridger, Patient-derived Models of Abiraterone- and Enzalutamide-resistant Prostate Cancer Reveal Sensitivity to Ribosome-directed Therapy. Eur Urol, 2018.
31Lee, T.-H., D.J. Hirst, K. Kulkarni, M.P. Del Borgo, and M.-I. Aguilar, Exploring Molecular-Biomembrane Interactions with Surface Plasmon Resonance and Dual Polarization Interferometry Technology: Expanding the Spotlight onto Biomembrane Structure. Chemical Reviews, 2018. 118(11): p. 5392-5487.
32Li, F., C. Li, T.T. Marquez-Lago, A. Leier, T. Akutsu, A.W. Purcell, A.I. Smith, T. Lithgow, R.J. Daly, J. Song, and K.C. Chou, Quokka: a comprehensive tool for rapid and accurate prediction of kinase family-specific phosphorylation sites in the human proteome. Bioinformatics, 2018.
33Low, L.Y., P.F. Harrison, J. Gould, D.R. Powell, J.M. Choo, S.C. Forster, R. Chapman, L.J. Gearing, J.K. Cheung, P. Hertzog, and J.I. Rood, Concurrent Host-Pathogen Transcriptional Responses in a Clostridium perfringens Murine Myonecrosis Infection. MBio, 2018. 9(2).
34Manning, S.A., L.G. Dent, S. Kondo, Z.W. Zhao, N. Plachta, and K.F. Harvey, Dynamic Fluctuations in Subcellular Localization of the Hippo Pathway Effector Yorkie In Vivo. Curr Biol, 2018. 28(10): p. 1651-1660.e4.
35McArthur, K. and B.T. Kile, Apoptotic Caspases: Multiple or Mistaken Identities? Trends Cell Biol, 2018. 28(6): p. 475-493.
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37McArthur, K., S. Chappaz, and B.T. Kile, Apoptosis in megakaryocytes and platelets: the life and death of a lineage. Blood, 2018. 131(6): p. 605-610.
38Montgomery, M.K., R. Mokhtar, J. Bayliss, H.C. Parkington, V.M. Suturin, C.R. Bruce, and M.J. Watt, Perilipin 5 Deletion Unmasks an Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 Axis in Skeletal Muscle. Diabetes, 2018. 67(4): p. 594-606.
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42Rabi, R., S. Larcombe, R. Mathias, S. McGowan, M. Awad, and D. Lyras, Clostridium sordellii outer spore proteins maintain spore structural integrity and promote bacterial clearance from the gastrointestinal tract. PLoS Pathog, 2018. 14(4): p. e1007004.
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46Shin, S.Y., A.K. Muller, N. Verma, S. Lev, and L.K. Nguyen, Systems modelling of the EGFR-PYK2-c-Met interaction network predicts and prioritizes synergistic drug combinations for triple-negative breast cancer. PLoS Comput Biol, 2018. 14(6): p. e1006192.
47Short, K.M., A. Combes, V. Lisnyak, J. Lefevre, L. Jones, M.H. Little, N. Hamilton, and I.M. Smyth, Branching morphogenesis in the developing kidney is not impacted by nephron formation or integration. Elife, 2018. 7.
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