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International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexphobia and Transphobia

About the week

Acknowledged worldwide since 2004, IDAHOBIT brings attention to the ongoing violence towards the LGBTIQ community, and celebrates the richness of diverse human experience. This day of global awareness takes place each year on May 17, a significant date in the ongoing fight for equality: On this day in 1990, the World Health Organisation declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. Over 130 countries now celebrate IDAHOBIT.

At Monash, we honour IDAHOBIT with a week in which our community comes together to share stories, learn, teach and celebrate our LGBTIQ community.

Together: Resisting, Supporting, Healing!

In light of new challenges the world faces, IDAHOBIT adopted the powerful theme of  Together: Resisting, Supporting, Healing! in 2021. The global pandemic has reinforced the importance of community, solidarity and coming together in the face of adversity. We don’t yet know the extent to which this pandemic has impacted social activism and the fight for equal rights, but throughout, IDAHOBIT has continued to provide inspiration, support and healing to the LGBTIQ community.

This year our community had the opportunity to take part in many worthwhile activities including:

  • Rainbow Flag Raising Ceremony
  • Share the love interactive chatboard where students and staff sent digital messages of support for the LBGTIQ community
  • Making posters for the Midsumma Pride March
  • Ally Support Wall where students and staff left messages of support for the LBGTIQ community
  • Movie screenings
  • Parkville Postgraduate Association panel where guest speakers discussed the IDAHOBIT theme and how to best support the community during the pandemic
  • Midsumma Pride March – a colourful celebration of diverse sexualities and gender identities.

Get involved

Although IDAHOBIT is over for this year, there are still many ways you can celebrate our LGBTIQ community. Here are just a few:

Contact us

If you’d like to know more about IDAHOBIT and how you can get involved, contact Respectful Communities.


Call: +61 3 9905 9499