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Pride Week 2022

16–20 May

About the week

Pride Week brings our community together to share stories, learn, teach and to celebrate our LGBTIQA+ community.

Pride Week coincides with the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT). Acknowledged worldwide since 2004, this day of global awareness takes place each year on 17 May, a significant date in the ongoing fight for equality: On this day in 1990, the World Health Organisation declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. Over 130 countries now celebrate IDAHOBIT.

At Monash, we honour IDAHOBIT within Pride Week.

Pride Flag raising ceremony

Monday 16 May, 10am
Caulfield, Clayton, Parkville and Peninsula

Join us at each of our Victorian campuses as we raise the Pride Flag to mark the start of Pride Week 2022. Hear how Monash is fostering a culture of inclusion and respect, and join your campus community and allies for morning tea.

The Pride Flag will fly at each of our campuses across the week, and is an important symbol of our solidarity with the LGBTIQA+ community.

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  • Flag Raising Ceremony

    Day Monday
    Time 10–11am
    Location Caulfield, Clayton, Parkville and Peninsula

    Join us at each of our Victorian campuses as we raise the Pride Flag to mark the start of Pride Week 2022. Hear how Monash is fostering a culture of inclusion and respect and join your campus community and allies for morning tea.

  • (In)Visible: Trans and Nonbinary Artists of Melbourne

    Day Monday
    Time 10.30 – 11.30am
    Location Campus Green, Caulfield

    (In)Visible: Trans and Nonbinary Artists of Melbourne is a documentary exhibition exploring the lack of representation of trans and nonbinary artists. A personal project for filmmaker/curator Luke Pringle, artists curate an exhibition that treats their experiences and artwork as equally vital to the exhibition.

  • Virtual Movie Night: Love, Simon

    Day Monday
    Time 7–9pm
    Location Online (Discord)

    Join MPSU for a virtual screening of 'Love, Simon'. This coming-of-age film portrays a high-school boy, who is on a journey of self discovery as he learns to accept his identity.

  • @OurSexualHealth celebrates Pride Week!

    Day Monday – Friday
    Time All day
    Location Online (Instagram)

    Follow OurSexualHealth and join in our celebration of Pride Week featuring stories from our community!

  • Queer indie games: a data art exhibition

    Day Monday – Friday
    Time 12–5pm
    Location Building G Foyer, Caulfield

    Through stories, game narratives, and experiences, game designers will present a curated collection of queer indie games, discuss how these games have gone beyond just representation, and invite the audience to explore them with heart.

  • Faculty of IT: Show your Pride Day

    Day Tuesday
    Time 9am – 2pm
    Location 25 Exhibition Walk, Clayton

    Show your Pride by coming to Monash in your most colourful outfit! In the morning, we'll have free coffees for students and a staff morning tea, DiversIT are hosting a Pride Stall at lunch time, and throughout the week there'll be a rainbow balloon archway facing the Lemon Scented Lawn.

  • MRH Traralgon Morning Tea

    Day Tuesday
    Time 10 – 10.30am
    Location Monash Rural Health, Latrobe Regional Hospital, Traralgon

    Staff and students at Monash Rural Health Traralgon are invited to come celebrate IDAHOBIT with a morning tea! Come along dressed in your brightest colours to make the day a rainbow extragavanza.

  • Panel with PPA and HRM

    Day Tuesday
    Time 10–11am
    Location Cossar Hall, Parkville

    Parkville Postgraduate Association and Her Research Matters host a panel with guest speakers from the LGBTIQA+ community in the medical and biology research fields. Morning Tea will be available for participants.

  • Chancellery Pride Morning Tea

    Day Tuesday
    Time 11 – 11.30am
    Location Chancellery Kitchen

    Occupants of the Chancellery are invited to a morning tea to hear from colleagues and allies as we celebrate and acknowledge Pride Week.

  • Queer(y)ing Indigenous Australian higher education student spaces

    Day Tuesday
    Time 12–1pm
    Location Online (Zoom)

    QueerEd is a meeting of researchers/educators and students exploring sex, gender and sexuality in education. Starting with presenter Corrinne Sullivan, participants share their current research work/findings of education working against queerphobia. All welcome.

  • MONSU Peninsula Celebration

    Day Tuesday
    Time 12–2pm
    Location Library Lawn, Peninsula

    Come down for free food, drinks, a drag show, and a boogie in support of our LGBTIQA+ Community.

  • MADA Rainbow Afternoon Tea

    Day Tuesday
    Time 2.30 – 3pm
    Location MUMA Courtyard, Caulfield

    Stop by the MUMA Courtyard to celebrate Pride Week with MADA and demonstrate your commitment to respecting people's pronouns! We have delicious cupcakes, fruits in all colours of the rainbow, resources, and a handy guide to update your pronouns on Zoom.

  • Parkville Pride Trivia Night

    Day Tuesday
    Time 5 – 6.30pm
    Location Cossar Hall, Parkville

    Hosted by the Parkville Games Club and Pharmaceutical Science Society, learn about the rich LGBTIQA+ community at the Parkville Pride Trivia Night! Grab a bite and build your knowledge to help support and celebrate LGBTIQA+ Pride!

  • Film Viewing & Discussion: Rafiki (Wanuri Kahiu 2019)

    Day Tuesday
    Time 6–8pm
    Location Lecture G1.04, Building G, Caulfield

    Rafiki is a coming-of-age lesbian romance set in Nairobi. It's the first Kenyan movie to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Join Dr Whitney Monaghan and Dr Jess Berry to watch and discuss this visually striking celebration of queer romance.

  • South East Flats Arts & Crafts Night

    Day Tuesday
    Time 7.30 – 10pm
    Location Souh East Flats, Clayton

    South East Flats is hosting an information session (led by Pride RA, Tye) and arts & crafts night to paint a banner with colourful handprints and LGBTIQA+ identity flags to show our support and allyship for the LGBTIQA+ community at Monash.

  • Parkville Pride Wall

    Day Tuesday – Thursday
    Time 11.30am – 1.30pm
    Location Campus Lawn, Parkville

    Show your support as an ally or member of the LGBTIQA+ community at Monash by leaving a message on the Parkville Pride Wall. While you're there, grab some free food and collect some pride merchandise!

  • More Than Side Quests: Queer indie games

    Day Wednesday
    Time 12–1pm
    Location S10 lecture theatre, Clayton and Online (Zoom)

    Xavier Ho gives an overview of the Queer Indie Games project, including an analysis of over 2,500 independently developed games tagged “LGBT” published on the platform. This project seeks to understand how stories of whole and honest lives of everyday queer experiences can be told through video games.

  • Pronoun Pro training

    Day Wednesday
    Time 1 – 2.30pm
    Location CCD Seminar Room, Level 1 Campus Centre, Clayton

    This training helps you learn more about respectful pronoun usage through a better understanding of the experiences of trans and gender diverse people. The training is peer-led by facilitators with lived experience and full of activities, discussion and practice to help you become a pronoun pro.

  • Being Queer in a STEMM World

    Day Wednesday
    Time 3–4pm
    Location Room 101, Learning and Teaching Building, Clayton

    The Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee will host a panel discussion around the theme of ‘Being Queer in a STEMM World.’ Hear from Monash researchers from a range of Science Technology Engineering Medicine and Mathematics (STEMM) disciplines discussing their thoughts and experiences on this topic, including how being queer may have informed their research or education. Afternoon tea will follow.

  • PIES Pride Week Baking

    Day Wednesday
    Time 6.30 – 7.30pm
    Location Online (Zoom)

    Join the Parkville International and Exchange Students (PIES) Academic Support Group for a special Pride Week cooking class!

  • Monash Connect Book Club

    Day Thursday
    Time 12 – 12.45pm
    Location Online (Zoom)

    Come have a chat and celebrate LGBTIQA+ literature with us at a one-off book club! We'll be meeting via Zoom for a casual discussion about a text of your choosing.

  • Transgender Awareness

    Day Thursday
    Time 2.30 – 4.30pm
    Location Leaders Room, Monash Sport, Clayton

    This training introduces you to gender diversity, identity and expression, highlighting transgender discrimination and disadvantage, and its affect on mental health. These sessions are interactive so there will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

  • The Rainbow Spectrum: international students, LGBTIQA+, and allyship

    Day Thursday
    Time 3–4pm
    Location Room G81, Learning and Teaching Building, Clayton and Online (Zoom)

    Hosted by Monash Alumni and LGBTIQA+ advocate Budi Sudarto, this session provides an opportunity for LGBTIQA+ students and allies to get together and talk about topics that matter to them. Budi will share his personal story and how he became a Director, Trainer and Consultant of Ananda Training and Consultancy, specialising in intersectionality and improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

  • Stardust – Bowie Film Night

    Day Thursday
    Time 6–8pm
    Location Lecture G1.04, Building G, Caulfield

    Monash Art, Design and Architecture (MADA) and Monash Business School invite you to a screening of David Bowie biopic Stardust. Grab a glass of wine and a bag of sparkles and join us. Dress in your favourite Bowie attire and win one of our fabulous door prizes!

  • Monash Connect Pride Quiz

    Day Friday
    Time 8.45 – 9am
    Location Online (Zoom)

    Join us for a Kahoot quiz about LGBTIQA+ history.

  • LGBTIQA+ Ally Training (Staff)

    Day Friday
    Time 11am – 3pm
    Location Conference Room (C102), Level 1, Building C, Peninsula

    This training is designed to build upon the Queer 101 module, and to teach you how to be an effective ally to the LGBTIQA+ community. After completion of this training, you will have the option of joining the Ally Network, a group of staff and students committed to LGBTIQA+ inclusion at Monash.

  • Chalk It Up!

    Day Friday
    Time 11.30am – 1.30pm
    Location Basketball Court, Parkville

    Join the Pharmaceutical Science Society at the space between the Campus Lawn and the Basketball Court to chalk a message in celebration of Pride Week. Grab some free food and show your support by participating!

  • MRH Warragul Pride Week Afternoon Tea

    Day Friday
    Time 2 – 2.30pm
    Location Kitchen, Monash Rural Health Warragul

    Celebrate Pride Week at Monash Rural Health Warragul! Join us for an afternoon tea in the kitchen at 2pm!

  • Lonesome: A Conversation on COVID-19 Isolation among LGBTIQA+ Malaysians

    Day Friday
    Time 2–3pm MYT (GMT+8)
    Location Seminar Room 6-2-15, Malaysia and Zoom

    The Diversity & Inclusion Committee of Monash University Malaysia is organising a special screening of a voicemail documentary entitled ‘Lonesome’, which features stories of isolation and marginalisation experienced by the diverse Malaysian LGBTIQA+ community. This hybrid event will include a video message from the director Justice Khor, and be graced by the presence of the producer Gavin Chow.

  • MSA Queer + ESJ Clothes Swap

    Day Friday
    Time 5.30 – 7.30pm
    Location Wholefoods, Level 1 Campus Centre, Clayton

    Come join MSA Queer and MSA ESJ at Wholefoods for a clothes swap! Free vegan brownies and chai will be provided. You'll be able to donate clothes to MSA Queer or MSA ESJ reps up to two weeks prior to the event or on the night.

Other ways to get involved

There are so many ways you can get involved in this year's celebration. Here are just a few:

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If you’d like to know more about IDAHOBIT and how you can get involved, contact Respectful Communities.


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